Monday, June 05, 2017

Is Disney the Beast?

Friday after work we went to the 7 pm showing of Beauty and the Beast at The Picture Show. The cinematography was grand, the music great, the dance numbers fabulous, the acting top notch, the computer animation (teacup, clock, dresser, candlestick, etc.) top notch. But the director made it his personal crusade to update the classic children’s story to include current adult themes, which totally spoiled the movie. Shame on Disney. I’m not the only one to think so. Didn’t help that a lady in front of us was talking on her cell phone during the movie.
In 1991 when Disney remade the classic story, Belle was remade into a more modern book-reading liberated woman, uninterested in marriage and the advances of the manly, muscular soldier: bad guy Gaston. Other male characters were made more flirtatious and feminine. The cartoon was dedicated in memory to the executive producer, who had died of AIDS-related complications. In 1994 the cartoon became Disney’s first animated film to be made into a Broadway musical. The 2017 remake is definitely a product of these modern versions.
Got home in time to watch the Braves blow their 2-0 lead. Heartbreaking, even though no lead is too large at the Great American Smallpark – as the Braves almost found out yesterday. At least Atlanta took two or three in Cincy. Hopefully they can keep it going this week against Philly, who always plays us tough.
Saturday morning I cleaned upstairs. C needed her grocery money so I went to the bank, took something back to NAPA, and stopped by Kroger. Later I got the oil changed in my Civic.
Ceil had to take something back to a store in Lenox. Parked in the east deck, where there was shade, and it wasn’t crowded. I didn’t want to stay in the car so I went inside and walked around. Looked for a McDonalds in the food court but didn’t find one. The Puma store was also gone. The USA Today article was on the mark.
I don’t like going to malls not because I’m in the minority but because no one knows how to how on the right any more. So many people just saunter along with no regard for the others around them. People staring at their phones and not watching where they’re going, suddenly stopping and standing in other people’s way. People stand right at the bottom of the escalator, in the way of people trying to get off and on. This happens every time I go to the mall. It’s worse at Lenox because it’s so crowded. The perfect spot for an ISIS attack, except the mall is packed with Muslims as well.
In a way malls are like town centers because people go there. At Lenox and Perimeter and Cumberland people go to walk around, to be seen in their latest sneakers. Also the malls west of town (Arbor Place) and in Conyers as well. There have been several shootings at the Conyers mall. At Lenox everything’s so expensive because the rent is so high. Pretty much the same at other malls. They’re pricing themselves out of business.
Town centers like The Avalon and The Avenue East Cobb are the latest creations. People can drive up in their beloved cars and park in front of the store they want to go to. Mostly only small to middle-size stores, as well as restaurants. A few Fridays ago a band was playing in the central meeting area of The Avalon. Above the store and condos and apartments, and office buildings and more condos are being built nearby. But a few stores didn’t make it in The Avenue, though bookstores are going out of business everywhere.
Anyway after Lenox Ceil had to go to Binders at Peachtree and Piedmont, next to the Disco Kroger. I was still thirsty, so I bought a Vitamin Water at Kroger and sat in the coffee shop looking out on the parking lot. Like at Lenox, people were plowing through the parking lot with no regard for anyone else. Next we went to a store on East Andrews. I stayed in the car and listened to the Braves, and worked though my emails.
Had a great time at dinner Saturday night at The Big Ketch. The evening went to fast. I should’ve talked more but in settings like that it’s often hard for me to hear. Burger was indeed very good. Meat was delicious and the bun was the right size. Cheese and onions added to the flavor but didn’t overwhelm. Good hush puppies as well.
When we left we headed north on Roswell Road. It was dry just north of The Big Ketch. Had a nice drive up Roswell to 285, then 400. Ceil needed to go to JoAnn Fabrics north of North Point Mall. I checked out Best Buy – a TV in the size we’d need isn’t too expensive. Next Ceil needed to go to Whole Foods, so we went to the one at The Avalon. While she was inside I got a drink for Saturday morning at RaceTrac.
Sunday morning after Johnson Ferry (very light crowd) we stopped by Home Depot and Trader Joes. Didn’t do much the rest of the day. Watched the Braves, the Memorial, the Finals, and The Good Witch. Around 4 pm C baked BBQ chicken and salad. What did I tell you about Golden State?  

The Arnold Palmer Cup is an annual amateur competition between the US and Europe. It’s being held this weekend at the Atlanta Athletic Club in Duluth / John’s Creek (above). Sponsors include: the R&A, the USGA, Nike Golf, PING, and – Ryerson. Not sure, but it might be televised on the Golf Channel. Alumni include Webb Simpson, Ben Curtis, Dustin Johnson, Graeme McDowell, Lucas Glover, Bill Haas, Billy Horschel, Brandt Snedecker, Bryce Molder, Charles Howell III, Hunter Mahan, JB Holmes, Justin Thomas, Luke Donald, Matt Kuchar, Rickie Fowler, Russell Henley, Thomas Pieters, and my man Ryan Moore.
Poor Adams. Braves can’t trade him to the Reds cause they got Votto. We do need him for the bench once Freddie comes back.

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