Thursday, June 22, 2017

Dream Car

VW is coming out with this bus in 2021. All-electric. Cool. Named the I.D. Maybe I'll be able to afford it by then.

Surely UGA isn't serious. The last time they wore black helmets they were embarrassed by Florida.
Cowboy Joe West recently called his 5000th game. He is from the same hometown in eastern NC as AJC beat writer Dave O'Brien.

We got home just before 7 pm last night. Drove by the ballpark - no rain. Then the rain started there around 7 pm. At 9:30 I went out to get air in my tire, and was listening to the game. Got home and went to bed - I was tired from the long day. Did the entire drive without caffeine.

M came home so we talked to him some. He had played in the two shows with his band. A major radio station in London is playing one of their songs. M had the recording where the DJ introduced the song, calling them the "Super Swim Moms" and naming the four members of the band. Not sure what this does to his status with the band, though M had brought home his bass speaker.

Barney is getting a haircut today. I will work four hours and go home and help Ceil paint.

Work went on without me. Was probably that I was out, as a few issues came to a head and were addressed.

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