Monday, June 19, 2017

Spent the Day on 30A

This afternoon we cruised 30A and stopped off in Seaside.
The place keeps getting bigger.
I explored a park just north of the main area.
They've even built a chapel, perfect for weddings, I'm sure.
Turns out Gary Wingo is the pastor. Why am I not surprised?
Next we fought traffic around the corner to Pizza by the Sea.
We skipped all the good eats in Seaside.
Then on to the far end of 30A to Rosemary Beach,
where there was plenty of action as well.
Looked like a Chevy Suburban convention.
Building on the left is for sale for $5.5 million.
Ever notice the peanuts in chunky peanut butter rise to the top of the jar
like rocks rise to the surface of the earth?

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