Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekend A-Go Go

It was a big Friday night. Left work after 2:30 and made it to Yearwood’s office shortly after three. Didn’t see him in the window so I tried to call him. One number didn’t work so I tried another. Harriet answered, the retired secretary from the Tech Baptist Center. I’d forgotten I had loaded her number with Jeff’s contact info. I hadn’t spoken with Harriet in a couple of years, and it turned out she was going to the game as well.
Walked to the stadium and met up with several bobblehead friends in line: LJ, Darrell, nurse Corinne, Johnny and his grandsons, Sandy, Bobby and his mother, Katie, and the Chief. After gates opened and we got our bobbles I sat in centerfield with the Chief for a while. Peter Moylan had given him a glove a few years ago. Bobby’s mom and Katie were sitting behind the Chief, so I talked to them as well. Then I found LJ, Norman, and Darrell. We spotted John Rocker, and Norman and Darrell got their pictures taken with him. Drank two Coke Zeros. LJ and I went up to our seats in the upper deck, in the sun but it wasn’t too bad. Great view of the RaceTrac Freeze Race. 

Later I went downstairs and sat with Harriet for a few innings. She was like everyone’s mom at Georgia Tech, so it was good to catch up with her. She lives in a retirement home in Decatur, but she gets out quite often. She still goes to most Tech basketball games. I caught her up on Charles Quarles’ move, and Dock and the Normans and others she knew.
I left at 10 pm and speed walked back to the car. Should’ve pulled off my Braves jersey that I was wearing over a T-shirt, but didn’t so I was sweating. Stopped by RaceTrac but they were out of the Vitamin Water Zero Lemonade, so I had to drink Diet Dr. Pepper – not quite as refreshing. Hadn’t had supper so I got a waffle cone of chocolate peanut butter. Heard the Braves score the winner as I drove home.
Got home and the game replay was just starting. I wasn’t ready for bed and I needed more liquids, so I fired up my laptop and watched the game. Also kept tabs on the NBA Finals, but Cleveland was far ahead. Ate two popsicles. Wound up staying up for the whole Braves replay. Was tired so I didn’t quite get by blog posted correctly, but it was good enough. Went to bed at 1:30.
Big Saturday and Sunday as well. Saturday morning C went down to a small farmer’s market near the Carter Center. I didn’t want my bike shopping to take all day, but I found a nice one at a shop over near Dobbins AFB. While I was out I stopped by Taco Bell, RaceTrac, and a few thrift stores.  Worked around the house with Ceil, then left for Gwinnett at 2:30.
Drank four bottles of Vitamin Water between 2:30 and five, so hopefully I was hydrated. Met up with the bobblehead gang. Good game, big crowd. The 6 pm starting time made for an early evening.
Sunday morning the high school choir gave their return concert from their choir tour in NYC, where they sang and ministered in four boroughs. Quiet afternoon, leftovers for lunch. Watched the Braves. Later I drove C down to IKEA, then Trader Joes on the way home. While waiting I went through emails. Grits and bacon for supper, and the Tony Awards. Packaged up two shipments.
M had a rough weekend. Some friends came to console him and take him out to eat. M can let things bother him, so we’ve got to keep a close eye on him. Hopefully this doesn’t throw a wrench in our Destin trip. I got that bike and C bought a beach umbrella, so we are ready to go.    
Had our first dance lesson tonight.

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