Friday, June 16, 2017

Dansby the Flow

 Beautiful afternoon and evening for a ball game.
Someone had trouble finding a parking space.
With a mile and a half walk to the park,
I gotta wear comfortable shoes every time.
 Speaking of shoes, the third baseman was wearing some funky ones.
 The all-time hit king sat this one out.
 Panorama. We sat in section 335 row 2 seats 19 and 20.
When it was time for Beat the Freeze, the Marlins relievers came out of the air-conditioning for a close-up view.
 Tonight's prize. Might have to keep this one.
Image may contain: 1 person, stadium and outdoor
 Tonight the Freeze couldn't catch a pretty fast white guy.
Thursday: worked until eight, then it took 30 minutes for my laptop to update before I could go home. C cooked pizza. I worked some on my laptop.

M got his cat. Named it “Hermes.” Like many new cats he stayed under M’s bed the whole time. May take him a couple of weeks to come out. M cleaned out his room so Hermes would have room for a box, food and water dish, and kitty litter thing. Barney knew something was up, but M kept his door closed.

Also M will be playing with his band for their shows on Sunday and Monday. Not sure after that. Joel Norman is playing some big venue in Midtown tonight, but Ceil and I were at the Braves game.

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