Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Lost Years

In January 1983 I moved into an apartment on Goldsboro Road near Little Five Points with my buddy Jim Johnson. Just bided my time during the day, and did things at night at Tech and Second-Ponce: choir, basketball, softball, youth retreats and camps and banquets, and singles retreats. I was transitioning from the college department to the singles department. Worked for a month on the graveyard shift at a convenience store on Buford Highway. Not smart. Worked for a few weeks in a warehouse with a friend from church. Worked with Mark Stephens cutting grass and landscaping. Flew to Jacksonville to interview with my dad’s company, but I hardly knew what to say. At some point I moved to the Greenwood Avenue apartment near Grady High, with Brett, Keith, Curt, and later Tom.
In September I signed on as a helper in the Second Ponce preschool, so that kept me busy until May 1984. Lots of fun, not much money. By then Earl and Nancy Poythress had made it their mission to help me look for a job. In June I started work at Jim Suggs’ company.
Things took off in late 1986. My grandfather passed away after Thanksgiving. I immediately started sleeping in his house to keep it occupied, and bought it in March 1987. In April I got engaged. In May my company announced the doors would be closing in June. In July I interviewed at Tull and I started the first of August. In September Ceil and I were married, with a honeymoon in Bermuda.
Monday night after dance class I bought a red road Dominique Wilkens jersey. Classic. My co-worker had brought me the red white and blue Braves feather giveaway cap, so when I brought them inside I was a sight to see.
Also stopped by Dollar Tree, so it was almost eight before I got home. C had also stopped off on the way home, so I warmed up leftovers for supper. No Braves so I watched Last Man Standing, The Middle, and some of the NBA Awards. Didn’t see Lang. Tired so I went to bed before ten. C was getting books and garments ready for a school sale.
Late Tuesday afternoon I was given a chicken salad sandwich from Atlanta Bread Company. I’d eaten lunch early so I ate supper early as well. Ceil was headed out to her Bible Study so it worked out perfect. I needed a long relaxing evening anyway. Watched Independence Day, one of my favorite movies that I hadn’t seen in a long time. Ceil came in and watched a little, but I changed it before a bad scene came on. Went to bed before 11.
Young Rachel here at work was just drinking iced coffee. I like them smell but not the taste. Not even a fan of coffee ice cream. I don’t like beer or wine or alcohol either. Just soft drinks or strawberry lemonade.
Aaron Rodgers was on $100,000 Pyramid with Erin Andrews. Host Michael Strahan. Battle of the Network Stars comes on Thursday.
Campbells Soup was conducting surveys about dollar stores. Not all are created equal. At Dollar Tree everything is a dollar, but there are few name brands. I go there for gum and powdered drink mix for my water bottle. Sometimes sunglasses, detergent, shoestrings, and shampoo. Family Dollar and Dollar General have name brands but higher prices than grocery stores (like drug stores). Shelves are close together. Not a pleasant experience.
Bistro Nico sounds too fancy for me.

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