Monday, June 26, 2017

The Amazin' Braves

It's amazing the Braves are doing so well – winners of four straight series despite two key starters on the disabled list and one free agent starting pitcher having completely flopped. The offense is tops in baseball in the month of June without said starters. Rookie shortstop Dansby Swanson has hit .300 in June, and is among the team leaders in RBIs despite hitting eighth in the order. Rookie lefty Sean Newcomb looks like a keeper. 
How do you think the whole Freddie Freeman to third base thing will work? He's a good first baseman because he's good at stretching, and can react quickly to line drives. He doesn't seem mobile enough to play third. But if he can bolster the already potent offense, I guess the move is worth trying. DOB thinks Coppy can get more for Matt Adams in the off-season, and waiting until then gives us time to see if the Freddie to third experiment will work. I like Johan Camargo.
A shaky bullpen is bringing down and otherwise top notch Washington team. Can the Mets stay healthy? A Braves team the experts said would at best break even could very well be in the thick of a pennant race come Labor Day.   
Will the Braves be sellers at the trade deadline? Think Johnson will be traded?
Who will be the Braves all-star? Not sure Kemp has played enough. Inciarte is deserving, and perhaps Matt Adams or maybe Phillips. Seems to always come down to what positions are loaded with candidates. I wasn't sure about Phillips when he came over from the Reds, but he has fit in well.
ROB: Either Inciarte or Kemp, depending upon how crowded the OF is.  I also would not be surprised if it was Flowers. Have you seen the Celtics/Lakers 30 for 30?  It is really good.
ME: I've only seen bits and pieces of the Celtics/Lakers but want to watch more.
Seems to be a different crowd flow dynamic at SunTrust. At Turner gates opened at 4:30 so they crowd steadily drifted in between then and game time. At SunTrust due to parking the Chop House gate doesn't open until 5:30 and others at six, and there are long lines to get in. For the Dansby game I think all gates opened at 5:30, making the bobbles go even faster.
The Dansby game was Ceil's first at SunTrust Park. She had a good time, but I'm not sure when she'll go back. Since we were overlooking third base, we had a good view of the start of Beat the Freeze. When they announced the race, it was funny to see the entire Marlins bullpen rush outside to watch. Yesterday I saw the Braves relievers doing the same thing.
Drives me crazy how so many players are wearing white shoes these days, for so many teams. Are A's players wearing dark shoes instead of white?  
A co-worker brought me a feather cap from this past Friday night's game. Looks pretty good for a giveaway. Of course it's too small for me.
I still have only gotten a glimpse of Matthew's cat. Spends most of its time under M's bed. Barney has yet to meet the cat. M has had a couple of co-workers come over to serve as cat-whisperers. M stays gone so often that C finally went in and cleaned his room, which is rare for her. I will get his dirty clothes when I'm doing laundry. Found M's KISS t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, that I need to wear at the beach or Peachtree Road Race. M's band played two gigs last week, and yesterday played in Norcross.    
On Father's Day Ceil and I drove down to Destin. Good weather Monday but the tropical storm rolled in that night. With three days of rain forecast, C talked me in to driving home Wednesday. Still is was fun to get away. We might go back in the fall. I worked half days Thursday and Friday and helped as she painted the downstairs bedroom. So I've been on the go since the Dansby game. This week will be catching up, then next week getting ahead – we go to Myrtle Beach on July 8. M is scheduled to go, and W&MC for a few days.
Might have everyone home next weekend. Will & MC are due in, and Anna has a break from camp. They had a breakout of head lice last week, but supposedly that's been eradicated.
Took another half day of vacation on Friday afternoon to help C as she painted the downstairs bedroom. On the way home I made several stops: Taco Bell, RaceTrac, the paint store, Dollar Tree, and Home Depot. Watched some of the Braves replay, as well as some of the game that night. Coworker Chris brought me one of the hats they gave away, which looks pretty nice for a giveaway.
Saturday I cleaned upstairs. Ceil had me take some food to a friend's house, and on the way I picked up a cake to take from Noelle. Then I took 75 to 285 to 400 to Tower Place to pick up a bike rack. Stopped at McDonalds on the way. Took Roswell Road home, stopping by three thrift stores on the way. Later Ceil had to run to Roswell, so I drove her and dropped the key off at Claire's. We had a nice visit. Swung by RaceTrac and then split a chicken sandwich at Moxie Burger. Listened to some of the game on the radio, and watched some on TV. Later I drove C up to the Avalon. Gassed up at BP and grabbed a drink at RaceTrac, and stopped by a thrift store on the way home. Then we watched a movie on the Hallmark Channel.
Went to Sunday School and church at JFBC. C cooked a Mexican casserole for lunch. After my nap we pulled a bed out of the attic, to put in the newly painted bedroom. I was also able to get caught up on a good deal of stuff on the computer, for the first time in two or three weeks. Watched the Braves, then saw the golf was on but I really wasn't feeling it. Still haven't seen the replay of Spieth's shot. Good for him, he was due. After a Sunday afternoon nap I turned on Toy Story 3. Hadn't seen it in a while. Toy Story is one of the few movies where all three episodes were good. Guess you can add Star Wars and Indiana Jones to that short list.
Dance class tonight.
Guess you heard about Fred O ending his ministry at Clairmont Hills and moving to the old church in St. Augustine – and Jim Haskell taking over as the interim pastor at Clairmont.

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