Sunday, June 11, 2017


So busy on Thursday. Wasn’t getting anything done so I had to stay extra late. That made traffic light so I got home before 7:30. Ceil still feeling bad. Since I was going to Braves games on Friday and Saturday we went out to eat. She didn’t feel like Moxie Burger (surprise) so we tried a recommended place in Roswell: HOLA. Not too bad. Chips were greasy and I hated the salsa. C got the taco soup and I got El Burrito. Very good except the sauce on top was spicier than I like. Inside was good grilled chicken and just the right amount of black beans and rice. Even a few green peas inside.
The HOLA TV’s were tuned to the young Indiana Jones movies, which had some gruesome scenes not exactly conducive for a dining experience. Another TV had the Yankees/Red Sox game on, so I showed Ceil who young Aaron Judge was. Good cover story in SI about him. When we got home I turned on the Yankee game. Judge got at least three hits, including supposedly the hardest hit ball of the year, according to the new “exit velocity” measure.
David Ross, Boog Sciambi, and Rick Sutcliff were telling some good stories. Might have to watch more ESPN games if Ross is a regular. He talked about how his college ball experience helped prepare him for manhood, and how had he gone straight to the minor leagues he probably would’ve quit. Had to face adversity but hit the home run that sent Auburn to the college world series. Ross later transferred to Florida and lost his starting job, and learned good work habits fighting to earn it back. Since his mom and other relatives worked at FSU, Rossy is more a Seminole fan than Gator or War Eagle.
Did you know CC Sabathia was the third most strikeouts in history? At one time he was one track for 300 wins, but injuries but an end to that quest. The Yankees were teeing off on David Price. Brett Gardner homered to deep center. Gardner his Judge’s little big brother on the team.  
Line wasn’t moving at McDonalds Friday morning (surprise surprise) so I grabbed breakfast at RaceTrac. Shouldn’t have been surprised it was sub-par. Both the chicken and the biscuit were doughy, and I had to look for the bacon and cheese on the croissant. Egg was perfectly round not because they used a cookie cutter, but because the egg was made that was in the factory. D-.
Was hesitant to wear my black Ryerson T-shirt on Friday, but four people next to me wore theirs as well.
Plenty of pro-Trump (and anti-Trump) stuff on social media. I try to stay out of it, lest one of my “friends” bites my head off. I don’t think Jesus didn’t spend much arguing the political issues of the day. Back in the day people would only talk about politics, etc. with their closest friends. Now people are broadcasting every thought they have to the whole world on social media. Many of the thoughts aren’t well thought out, and not even based on facts. If anyone disagrees there’s rarely a civil discussion, an agree to disagree – instead it’s an attack. Then when they’re proven wrong they just move on to the next hot topic.
Similar to sports talk. People exaggerate so others will listen. This week Robert Horry said Hakeem Olajuwon was “twenty times” better than Tim Duncan. How does he know? Horry said 20 times so his comment would stand out. Another guy said Curry and Durant were no question the greatest ever one-two punch. No comparison to Bird-McHale, Magic-Kareem, Jordan-Pippen, Havlecik-Russell, Malone-Stockton, or anyone else. It was Jeff Van Gundy who said Curry/Durant was the greatest duo. You’d think with his frame of reference he could have kept it to “one of the greatest.” I’ll say it right now: Van Gundy is wrong, and Horry is wrong.
Someone else said if the Warriors could sweep, the achievement would be greater than the Dolphins undefeated 1972 season. Not so sure, but it does bear consideration. My friend isn’t like so many others. He makes statements based on his knowledge and observations, without making outlandish statements.
These days there is no consequence for making a statement that isn’t true – in politics, sports, even religion. There are no absolutes any more. Everyone does what is right is his own mind. Someone shared an opinion piece on a topic addressed in the Bible, addressed in both the Old and New Testament, - though Jesus didn’t specifically address it. The author didn’t like what the Bible had to say, so he used Jesus’ “silence on the issue” as being more definitive than the other scriptures. What? 

I would drink wine or beer but I just don’t like the taste of either. Ceil drinks a little wine now and then and sometimes keeps a bottle in the fridge.

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