Sunday, June 04, 2017

My Favorite Players

Guy wanted to know my favorite players by position – during my lifetime. Yogi and Mickey and Stan the Man played when I was small, but I don’t remember them. I’ve listed my favorite first followed by a few runner-up’s. I distinctly remember Hank Aaron playing first base at the end of his career, as well as left field after years as a mainstay in right. I listed Hank at first so Ichiro could join my favorites as well. Did I forget someone?
C Joe Torre, Bob Uecker, Brian McCann
1B Hank Aaron, Freddie Freeman
2B Felix Millan, Mark Lemke, Davey Johnson, Marty Perez
3B Cal Ripken, Bob Horner, Clete Boyer, Brooks Robinson, Chipper Jones
SS Derek Jeter, Jeff Blauser, Ozzie Smith, Craig Robinson
LF Mike Lum, Joe Rudi, Dusty Baker, Bo Jackson, Rico Carty
CF Dale Murphy, Ken Griffey Jr, Ender Inciarte, Mike Trout
RF Ichiro Suzuki, Roberto Clemente, Larry Walker
DH: Evan Gattis, Paul Molitor
RHSP Greg Maddux, Phil Niekro, Bob Wakefield
LHSP Tom Glavine, Steve Carlton
CL Mariano Riveria, Billy Wagner, Moe Drabowski
Coaches: Bobby Dews, Don Zimmer

Torre: a success wherever he went.
Uecker: baseball’s clown prince.
McCann: good guy, played hard.
Aaron: GOAT
Freeman: good guy, smiles, hugs
Millan: steady hand in my youth
Lemke: the Braves’ Mookie
Johnson: cool glasses, wore the uni well.
Perez: Taco
Ripken: played the right way.
Horner: sweet swing.
Boyer: a great Brave.
Brooks Robinson: great fielder.
Jones: knew how to hit for avg or power.
Jeter: Smart. Class. Hustle. Clutch.
Blauser: funny guy.
Ozzie: amazing fielder.
Craig Robinson: looked/played cool (below).
Lum: my fave as a kid (top).
Rudi: made the great catch.
Dusty: great player and manager.
Bo: did amazing things.
Rico: the Beeg Boy.
Dale: went all out.
Griffey Jr: played with joy.
Inciarte: hustles.
Trout: what Mantle was like.
Ichiro: hit king.
Clemente: all-time great.
Walker: knew how to play/hit/field.
Gattis: great story.
Molitor: good guy.
Maddux: observant, ranked up huge numbers.
Niekro: down to earth guy.
Wakefield: good guy.
Glavine: steady.
Carlton: one of the greatest lefties.
Mariano: I read his book. A giver.
Wagner: great leader, good guy, Christian
Drabowski: another master jokester, my fantasy camp bud.

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