Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Tropical Storm Cindy

Monday we stayed out on the beach until 2:30. Lots of helicopters and jets and planes. Clouds threatened in the distance. Drove to Seaside and Rosemary Beach. Ate at Pizza by the Sea, where we'd eaten several times before. Took home half the pizza.

Discovered a chapel in Seaside. Pastor is a guy I know from years ago in East Cobb / Johnson Ferry.
Tuesday: we beat the rush to Silver Sands. Went to get Will a birthday present. Walked from the Nike store on the south end three quarters of the way to the other end, dodging the teenagers stopped on the sidewalk staring at their cell phones.Then it was gridlocked, as were the roads back (above). Ate lunch at Chicken Salad Chick. Bowling Alley was jammed. Rented a movie (Me Before You, below) and Ceil picked up fixins at Publix for her beloved spaghetti. Then back to The Pad watching the weather. Rain really wasn't been heavy, but has drizzled all day.
We'd been on the go ever since we got there so I didn't had much time to do many of my little routines. Didn't bring my scrapbook calendar. Good thing. I can play on my laptop from now til midnight and still not get "caught up."

Decided to come back today instead of riding out two more rainy days just so we could have maybe one nice day on Friday.

Bad rain and wind this morning. Tornado watch until 10 am but the bad weather didn't slack up until almost eleven. Heavy rain most all the way back, until just south of the airport. As on the way down, we stopped north of Andalusia for gas. Then Chick-fil-A east of Montgomery.
Also drove around the Auburn University campus.
Sounds like Atlanta was getting even more than we got at the beach.

C didn't mind going home. She has a room to paint. Has a luncheon to attend June 29. Has to go to SC June 30 for a wedding on July 1st. Anna is coming home that day for a few days, and W&MC are coming for the Peachtree Road Race. Then we leave for Myrtle Beach July 7th.

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