Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Top Ten Elusive Runners

The NFL Network’s Top Ten Most Elusive Runners. A rare top ten where the producers actually did some research, and ranked the players in a decent order. Hadn’t heard of two of these guys. Only three of 14 played after the turn of the century, and eight played in the 60’s or before – my kind of list. Perhaps they mentioned more current runners before I tuned in.
HM. Walter Payton, Bears (75-87).
HM. Emmitt Smith, Cowboys/Cardinals (90-04).
HM. Lenny Moore, Colts (56-67).
HM. Mercury Morris, Dolphins/Chargers (69-76).

10. Willie Galimore, Bears (57-63). Sayers before Sayers.
The Bears retired his number 28.
9. Dickie Post, Chargers/Broncos/Oilers (67-71).
Token AFL player.
8. Joe Washington, Chargers/Colts/Redskins/Falcons (76-85).
Loved his helmet.
7. Randall Cunningham, Eagles/Vikings/Cowboys/Ravens (85-01). Might’ve made the list on the basis of one play, shaking off the Harry Carson hit and throwing a touchdown pass (on Monday Night Football). Runner, passer, punter – Cunningham could do it all.
6. Red Grange, Bears/Yankees (25-34). The Galloping Ghost.
5. Bobby Mitchell, Browns/Redskins (58-68).
4. Hugh McElhenny, 49ers/Vikings/Giants/Lions (52-64).
3. Marshall Faulk, Colts/Rams (94-05). Must be the shoes.
2. Gale Sayers, Bears (65-71). The Kansas Comet. Great in the mud.
1. Barry Sanders, Lions (89-98).
I’m OK with Herschel not making this list. He relied more on his speed, power, and even his leaping ability more than any flashy moves.

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