Friday, June 02, 2017

Snake in the Grass

Anna (red helmet) was training this week for next week's first week of Camp Highland. She's not the snake in the grass - keep reading for that.
Tuesday C cooked those burgers, with fries and salad. Lightning hit near our house and messed up our TV. Spent most of last night fiddling with it. Couldn’t get it to work. Also the Apple TV screwed up. We use that to watch movies, Hulu, Netflix, and Crackle. Tried to hook up our old TV but couldn’t get it going. Overnight I thought of some more things to try. Guess I’ll be looking for a new TV.
Wednesday: crazy day. Plenty to do. They were shooting a video at work, and I got called in to sit with a group to get our picture taken. Not good. Then we had to stand up at our desks and speak in unison. I thought we should all speak like zombies. Guess that’s why I didn’t get picked to be on camera.
Went to Pappasitos for their Wednesday night fajita special. The chicken melts in your mouth. They said the wait was 15-20 minutes but it only took five. Plenty of empty tables but I think they were short on waiters. We sat in a booth near the bar, which was good because when you sit in a table you’re constantly getting bumped by waiters bringing out food. We usually get a small order (which is plenty for us) but the special is for a large order, so I have enough left over for lunch both today and tomorrow.

Got home and got the old TV working. Less wires running everywhere. When Barney saw me working on the TV he went over to the tile floor and sat down facing the TV, smiling. He likes to watch TV. We didn’t get home until 9:30 (I got home at 7:00, we were seated at 7:55, and we left at 8:50, then I gassed up the CRV on the way home). Ceil has been watching Netflix movies on her iPad, so I turned on the Braves, and later Seinfeld.
Another busy day on Thursday. They were still shooting the video here at work. Late in the afternoon I headed to Cumming for Brad’s father’s funeral, with Rodney and Wanda.
Something happened  I can’t remember ever happening to me before. I was cutting the grass. Cutting in the brush on the side and back of the house is no fun, but in the front it’s pretty straightforward. I should’ve cut the grass last weekend, but even last night it wasn’t super doper high. I was cutting in a clockwise square, so the square got smaller with every lap. All of a sudden I saw a snake in front of me, not huge but at least a foot long. Not my favorite thing. I tried to run over the snake with the lawnmower. I thought I got it - it was curled up low, so low that when I ran over it it didn’t get cut up. I thought I got it, so I went back to cutting grass. On my next lap as I approached the snake started quickly slithering off into the high uncut grass. I went after it with the mower and got it good. Bleh.

NBA Finals: I watched most of the first half, and went to bed at halftime. Good to see Kyle Koerver. Yes, Durant was getting uncontested layups, and GS passed the ball well. Still a lot of ball to be played. LeBron was also playing well, as was Kyrie Irving. People say GS will be in the next 8-10 finals, but you never know what free agents are gonna do. Also injuries, and the salary cap makes keeping a roster together problematic.
Friday: sounds like we are going to see the movie Beauty and the Beast tonight.   
So the Jack Reacher series is good? Maybe I should try it out. I’m bad at not reading the books in order.
During the 1918 World Series the crowd was pretty quiet. WWI had everyone down. The Red Sox were blanking the Cubs 1-0 by some pitcher named Ruth. So during the 7th Inning Stretch they played the Star Spangled Banner, and it got the crowd going. The Red Sox then played the anthem before the rest of the Series games at Fenway, and a postseason tradition was born. Later the anthem was played before regular season games.

In TV and the movies it seems like the sergeants are always yelling, but it makes sense that after basic they might let up.

I have the best commute. Check out my "rush hour."  

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