Tuesday, November 26, 2013

American Music Awards

Saturday C and A left out for Athens. I did a good job spending all afternoon taking pictures of things to sell on eBay. More time-consuming than you would think. Also cleaned up both upstairs and downstairs and did some laundry. Matthew had a friend come for a sleepover, so I had the day to myself. Made a quick run to Publix for $22.00 in groceries.

Sunday I dropped M and his friend off at IHOP (their choice). I grabbed some Taco Bell and later got Moes for Anna. Drove A, M, and the friend down to PCC, read my Curry book, and rode home with Ceil. Didn't make it home in time to get the CRV oil changed. Did more laundry and eBay while watching the NBC pregame.

Ceil cooked spaghetti and meatballs, then everyone watched the American Music Awards. Several "artists" (like Beyonce) have a hard time speaking coherently in public. One winner thanked several other artists, none of whom had normal names. Sounded like baby talk. I know that makes me sound old. Two articulate exceptions: Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift. Both thought fast on their feet, and were sincere and thankful. Katy Perry's performance was excellent as well.

I stumbled across a complete broadcast of the 1978 GT/GA game. Showed Will what Sanford Stadium looked like with people watching from the railroad tracks and bridge. Georgia turned the ball over 4 times in the first half, including the first 3 possessions – and still won, thanks to freshman QB Buck Belue coming off the bench to spark the win. Great game. I watched the first half last night and will watch the rest over Thanksgiving. Supposedly I was seen on the telecast, sitting in the front row of the rickety end zone stands.

Finished that complicated book on the 2008 financial collapse, and about to start Michael Crichton's Terminal Man. Over Thanksgiving I hope to finish three books: Bill Curry, Frank Sexton, and the Top of the Order baseball book.

Need to try that Bell Street Burritos place down on Peachtree south of Collier Road, in the old Hueys building.

Kelly Vonfeldt returned to SPdL Sunday morning. Her appearance made a minor splash on Facebook yesterday, much more so than any of my recent appearances.

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