Wednesday, November 06, 2013

School Days

TUESDAY: Last night I even missed the Bears and Packers – a game I would normally watch for a play or two. I walked my two miles yesterday. Just finished mile one and should get in mile two this afternoon. Boss is off the first three days this week. He bought a condo in Gulf Shores.

Worked until five last night and stopped by Kroger on the way home. Stocked up on more yogurt, forgetting about all the yogurt I already had. Spent $19.00 – a lot for me. Ceil cooked chili. Took leftovers for lunch today. Matthew cooked cheese dip – Velveeta and Rotel tomatoes. Afterwards I cleaned up some and helped M with his paper on water pollution. Due to the time change and walking, I was tired early. Fell asleep at 10 pm and woke up at midnight.

WEDNESDAY: Another evening filled with schoolwork. Ceil fixed grilled chicken, green bean casserole topped with breaded onion bits, baked potato squares, tossed salad, and cling peaches. Later I helped clean the kitchen and finally caught up with stuff on the computer.

Packaged a felt Batman pennant to ship. The pennant needed to ship flat, but it was larger than most of the cardboard I had. Taking it to the post office during lunch.

Will arrives at my office around 1:30. I’m driving him to the airport for his flight to OklahomaThen I have to get the emissions checked on his car, then renew his tag.

Today is Ceil’s birthday, so I guess we’re going out tonight. The Pie Place sounds good, but I doubt she’ll want to go there. I doubt she’ll want to go down to Jalisco’s or Nuevo Laredo Cantina. There’s also a new place that moved into the old Huey’s location called Bell Street Burritos that’s supposed to be good. Bell Street used to have a location over on Howell Mill, and just lost their lease in Inman Park.

On the way home Tuesday night I stopped by Publix and picked up a little cake and some Blue Bell ice cream.

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