Friday, November 22, 2013

Eight Days the Week

A popular post due to the title. Welcome to my blog. Poke around and leave a comment or two. Thanks for reading. Not all posts are as mundane as this one.

Earlier in the month Will and Ceil check out the pepper patch in the UGArden, just outside Athens. yes, that's Will's ponytail.

FRIDAY (Nov 15): My weekend was similar to my past weekends. Watched the movie Moneyball, just like I had a Friday or two ago. I think Ceil took Anna shopping.

SATURDAY: Cleaned upstairs and watched College GameDay. Watched some of Ohio State/Illinois before the Georgia/Auburn game. Did some laundry and watched SC/FL and AL/Miss State.

SUNDAY: Got a good chunk of the upstairs cleaned. Put up the clothes containers and leaned out some of the corners of our bedroom. Cleaned up some of Anna’s room and did more laundry. Took M down to PCC and picked up Ceil. Didn’t watch much football, but caught most of the highlights. After a supper of eggs, toast, bacon, and grits I went upstairs and read.

MONDAY: Anna showed up for her focus group, but she wasn’t needed. She got paid the $85.00 anyway. She was happy.

Left work at 4:45 and used my coupon for BOGO Wendy’s chicken sandwiches. Tasted ok: better than McDonalds but nothing like Chickfila. Drove to the Perimeter Mall area for my focus group. Fifteen minutes for $25.00. I was worried about traffic going home, but it wasn’t too bad. Ceil went the wrong way, so it took her much longer. Changed clothes and headed out to meet with four other guys from our long time small group. Got home around 10:30.

TUESDAY: There are three Kroger’s on my way how from work. I usually wait until the last Kroger if I need to stop – the “stinky” Kroger that Claire used to shop at. Yesterday on the way home from work I was just starving, o I stopped at the first Kroger instead of a fast food place. Vince Dooley was in there autographing a book. No signs or advertisements, just Vince.

Ceil cooked fajitas for supper. Watched “Jordan Rides the Bus.” Realized I had seen it when it first came out, but watched the whole thing again. I want to watch the ESPN 30 for 30 – The Book of Manning. Saw the last five minutes of it.

WEDNESDAY: Had a great time at the Tech game, even though Tech Lost. Seemed like they didn’t play that bad, except for all the turnovers. Didn’t seem as discouraging as past years. Still, Dayton was able to drive into the lane AND shoot from the outside better than Tech.

Left Buckhead after the game and drove home. From the Lindbergh area it’s easy to go up 85, 75, or 400 – to anywhere north or south. Only when I drove into my driveway did Anna text, needing to be picked up. Had I known she was out I could’ve easily picked her up in Peachtree Corners. By the time I got back from my trip to east Roswell I was worn out. As I surmised, Ceil and Matthew ate at Willys.

THURSDAY: At lunch I rode with co-worker Darryl to visit a nearby fabricator. While we were out Will called. He had spotted some elephant ear bulbs free on Craig’s List, near my office. Darryl said he’s take some, so we rode over to Peachtree Corners to pick them up.

C and M saw the new Hunger Games movie Thursday night. A went to the Hillsong United concert at the Gwinnett Arena. Saturday C and A are going to Athens. We’ll see if they stick around for the game.

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