Monday, November 11, 2013


I always forget what happens on Friday. Seems like I watched TV. Anna went out Friday night, to Chickfila and a high school football game.

Saturday morning I cleaned some upstairs before all the football started. Organized three containers of clothes to sell, and another to give away. Ceil cooked hamburgers Saturday night. I had one for lunch on Sunday. Pooped corn on both Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday morning I picked up Will at the airport at 9 am. At 1 pm I drove Matthew down to PCC. Had to go pick him up at 7 pm. Folded laundry and read my three books: World Without End, Alternate Histories, and a baseball book. 

Since 2007 I've been looking at this three-finger throwback baseball mitt. When I finally saved up enough Amazon gift cards to buy it, the left-handed model was unavailable. Friday the glove had become available, so I ordered it. Perhaps I'll take it to Braves games in case a foul ball comes my way. An hour after I placed the order I remembered all the other things I wanted to use those Amazon giftcards for. Murphy's law.

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