Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Saturday in Athens

Friday I only worked half a day. Didn’t walk in the morning, as I was busy trying to finish everything up. Spent the afternoon getting out and organizing all the winter clothes. Was tired at the end of the day. We have two big containers of clothes to sell and a bunch to give away. Lots of empty containers left over, so perhaps we’re making progress. Ceil didn’t leave to go grocery shopping until after 6:30, so we really didn’t have supper. I ate popcorn, yogurt, and a little of Matthew’s Tombstone Pizza.

1. Drove Matthew down to PCC at 8:30 am for the student’s day of service. They had about four busloads of kids that went to four different Atlanta City elementary schools to work and play with the kids. M and A’s school was down south of Grant Park, near the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary. Anna took the SAT Saturday morning, then drove downtown. Afterwards the students went back to PCC for Bible Study and worship and then to various homes to spend the night.
2. Drove back home, stopping by the store for new sunglasses and Crystal Lite.
3. Then Ceil and I drove to Athens to take Will his warm clothes.
4. We walked from his dorm to the Trial Garden, where various plants are grown next to the classroom building.
5. Then we drove just out of town to the UGAarden (pronounced U-garden). Ceil loved seeing the crops: pumpkins, bell peppers, hot peppers, beets, kale, broccoli, and more. I snapped lots of pictures.
6. We ate lunch at a new burger place he had had yet to try. It was good, but not spectacular.  
7. After lunch we walked to a bakery, …
8. …a favored coffee house, …
9. …and a health food grocery.
10. We drove downtown, …
11. …then out to the mall. Bought him a pair of jeans.  
12. Will got his hair trimmed and shaped (you couldn’t call it a haircut).
13. Drove back to town to a children’s store Ceil wanted to see.
14. While she was in the children’s store Will and I listened to the GA/FL game, then walked across the street to “Vic’s Vintage” antique store. Will wanted the $95.00 gold velour sofa for his dorm room. Lot’s of “character” but it had several cigarette burns. There was a neat cowboy bobblehead, but I passed. Will also liked a huge old city of Atlanta map, but not the $125.00 price tag.
15. Went back to Will’s dorm and unloaded the clothes, and took them to his room.
16. Watched the rest of the GA/FL game.
17. Afterwards we loaded up his bike to take home.
18. For supper we went to eat burritos at Barbaritos.
19. Ceil made a few purchases at the health food grocery.
20. Dropped Will off at his dorm and drove home, listening to the second half of the Tech game on the radio.   

Sunday Ceil left for church at 9 am. I was left home without a car. Cleaned up, did laundry, and watched some Netflix. Caught up to on World Without End. Also watched a JFK conspiracy movie and another about Air Force One. Skipped the Falcon game but saw a good chunk of the Pats/Steelers. Ceil cooked breakfast for dinner. Afterwards I gassed up her CRV and read my book.

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