Friday, November 22, 2013

I am Right. You are an Idiot

The debate over the Braves new stadium is similar to the debate over Obamacare, Gay Marriage, Global Warming, Chick-fil-a, or Creation vs. Evolution. If you are not on my side, then you are wrong and I hate you. I will attack you not with facts and a logical debate, but with insults, twisting the truth, and lies. One “satirical” blog post called surbanites “lifeless zombies.” It’s what this country and the world around us has become. So sad.

Sadder even than all the back room big money political deals that happen too often: not just the Braves and Falcons and other sports teams, but the kind that go on with increasing frequency all across the country. Cobb County teachers are laid off or forced to take unpaid furlough days due to the shortfall of funds. Bridges and roads and sewers are collapsing and crumbling and collapsing around us. SPLOST monies are used on the pet projects of county commissioners. I’m reading a book about Wall Street ignorantly getting itself into the high-risk mortgage industry, which eventually collapsed – taking several large brokerage houses with it.

Went back to that Mayor of Ponce blog post – I had seen a link and thought it might be a new post, but it was only the original zombie post. Several commenters had taken the mayor to task – jumped all over him, actually. To the mayor’s credit he did not respond with more venom.

Florida State has an undefeated season, and their quarterback’s supposedly sealed criminal case gets leaked to the press. Athletes are more concerned about making the great play than following basic fundamentals. The SportsCenter highlight is more important than winning the game. Players celebrate making routine plays, then stand by helplessly when they make a bad play, looking foolish. Millions are spent on outlandish “look at me” uniforms – that are only worn one time. “But they’re auctioned off for charity” claims fail to mention that only a small portion of the proceeds actually make their way to the charity. All this causes me to lose interest in sports.

It’s all about belittling and crushing the opposition and making your own side look good. I know people like this. It is not very appealing. I am often tempted to respond in kind.

All this reminds me to be in the world, but not of it. No use arguing with fools whose minds are made up. Let God love others though me. It’s hard.

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