Tuesday, November 26, 2013

McCann Signs with the Yanks

Great points about McCann….
1. The recognition he receives in New York could put him in more ASG's and the HOF.
2. Yankee Stadium is a great hitters park for lefties, right?
3.The Yankees offered the most money.

I thought living in Dallas might be similar to Atlanta, but his cancer foundation could make a bigger impact in NYC. And in 6 years he can retire back to Atlanta's suburbs or move on to another AL team. His kids will just be starting to play Little League. Brian probably sought counsel from others regarding his decision. The Hudson's loved a faraway city quite different from their rural Alabama roots. McCann's kids are small, so living in NYC won't matter too much. Francoeur played in NYC. I heard Ross was trying to get McCann to sign with Boston. Would've been fun, but I'm sure McCann made the best decision for him and his family. Protection in the lineup, for one.

Sunday night the former GM of the Pats Scott Pioli made similar comments about Wes Welker...that the Pats didn't want to pay an aging receiver big bucks for past performance.

Micah Owings spoke to the PCC youth on Sunday. Former Diamondback pitcher and Silver Slugger Award winner. Saw Owings pinch hit for the Durham Bulls in late August. He had a big cheering section sitting near the Coolray Field visitors dugout. Trying to make it as a position player.

Now that the Yankees signed McCann, where will Robinson Cano sign?

Interesting that Uggla has his house for sale. Best AJC comment: "I didn't see a batting cage." I did see that twitter photo of Freddie, Uggs, and DeRosa working out.

SAT: C and A went to the GA/Kentucky game with Will.
SUN: Will came home. M ate at IHOP with a friend.
MON: W had dentist and eye appointments
TUE: MC arrives from OK.

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