Monday, November 18, 2013

Nov 16 College Football Roundup

By the end of the day Saturday I'd had enough football for a while. Auburn striking gold on that lucky play because of poor fundamentals on the Georgia players fault, had me deflated. Earlier in the game a different UGA DB recovered a fumble in the end zone and ran it out – more bad fundamentals. Instead of a touchback, he risked fumbling the ball and was tackled on the ten yard line. I had all but given up hope that Georgia would come back. Mary Hurt and Leah Stephens went to the game – not sure about David and Mark.

All the calls were going Auburn's way. Richt finally got fed up and argued with the refs. I'm sure he had a great view of the fumble in front of the UGA bench. I never understand how one player can recover a fumble on the ground and then the play not be whistled over as soon as an opposing player touches him – or an unnecessary roughness penalty be called for a player diving into an opponent lying on the ground with the ball. Instead the refs let player after player jump on top of the pile, as the players wrestle on the bottom over the ball. If the NCAA was concerned about injuries, it seems like they would do something about pileups on fumble recoveries. People say "he didn't have control of the ball" – but that's rarely the case. Same thing happened to UCF, causing them to lose to South Carolina.

No one mentioned the possible targeting hit by the Auburn player on the last play of the game. The defender left his feet and led with his head, hitting the defenseless Murray on the shoulders and head.

And all the Auburn fans were saying the officials gave that last touchdown to Georgia. Vern and Gary framed the scene well, noting the replay call would have implications not only on the game but on the entire national championship picture. So often announcers think a replay call is obvious, only to see the replay official make the opposite call. Fair-weathered fans who don't watch much football wouldn't know what I'm talking about. In this case the field official called it a touchdown, and there was no concrete replay evidence to overturn to call on the field – unless you are an Auburn fan

Reid's Loved/Hated from the weekend:

Hated Clemson over Ga Tech. Agree. At least it was semi-respectable.

Loved Duke over Miami. Didn't care. Can't believe how Miami has fallen so flat. Duke looked terrible in black jerseys and blue pants.

Hated FSU over Syracuse. Disagree. Someone stooped low to reveal quarterback Jameis Winston's legal issues.

Loved South Car over Florida. This is the game I watched. Bad call by Florida to go for it on fourth down, but I guess it was late.

Hated Auburn over Georgia. Agree. Auburn got lucky.

Loved Ala over Miss St. Agree. I figured Bama wouldn't blow them out in Starkville. After all the big games Bama has had, there's no way they can get up for every game. Now the Auburn/Alabama game is a must-see, much more than UGA/GT or SC/Clemson.

Hated Tampa Bay over Atlanta. Agree. Any high draft pick for the Falcons needs to be parlayed into at least two good players – both offensive linemen. Looks like the defense could use some help as well.

Loved Central Florida over Temple. Like Bama, UCF has had too many previous big games to get up for lowly Temple on the road. UCF did good just to win. Great clutch catch by the UCF tight end was the play of the day - until Auburn hit the jackpot.

Loved Tech over Georgia (basketball) – in Stegeman.

Loved Maryland over Virginia Tech. I like Frank Beamer, but his great-athlete Logan Thomas is not a winning quarterback.

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