Friday, November 22, 2013

TV Time

Great old clip of the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson when both Leno and Jaleel “Urkel” White were guests. Leno was already in line to take Johnny’s place, but after Carson had given several items to Urkel, Urkel exclaimed “This is the show of gifts!” Leno made some comment and handed Urkel something off the table, like an ashtray or something. Then Carson replied to Urkel “And when I retire, you can sit here!” Of course, the 1991 moment is now on YouTube. Clip Funny how much stuff you can find on YouTube.

A year or so ago Jaleel White guest-starred on Psych…my 15 year old’s favorite show. They get a lot of great old stars on that show: Shatner, Molly Ringwald. I had to show Matthew the Seinfeld where George talks to Corbin Bernsten and George Wendt. Like reruns of MASH, I now watch some Seinfeld reruns and not remember seeing them back in the day.

Anna got braces, so she was cutting up her energy bar to eat it. Had to show her the Seinfeld clip where everyone was eating Snickers with a knife and fork. George: “How do you eat it, with your HANDS?” Jerry: “I passed a homeless guy on the street eating M&M’s with a spoon.”  She wasn’t impressed.

The old Sting joke made my day. I finally stopped telling it every time Sting’s name came up – after all four family members threatened to revolt. Glad I’m not the only one who remembered it. Click here.

I always remember one story Leno told where he brought his parents with him to NBC in NYC and they got in the elevator and Sting stepped on with them. And Leno said, "Mom, Dad, let me introduce you to, uh, Sting." And his dad said, "WHAT? WHAT THE HELL'S HIS NAME? STINGMAN? WHAT KIND OF NAME IS STINGMAN?"
I like how Chris Elliot is now showing up playing characters on shows like How I Met Your Mother. The younger generation has no idea about how he started out on Letterman. He is this generation’s Martin Mull. Hard to believe he is a year younger than me.

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