Thursday, November 07, 2013

Busy Wednesday

Interesting afternoon/evening yesterday. Will's last class didn't go exactly like he planned, so he had to hang around Athens and do Friday's homework before he could leave. He arrived at my office just before 2 pm. I dropped him off at the airport just before 3 pm. I drove back to East Cobb and had the Jeep's emissions tested at the car wash. Made it to the tag office just before it closed. On the way home I gassed up the Jeep.

Matthew went to youth group with a friend, so I picked him up at seven. Didn't leave for dinner until 7:50, and didn't arrive downtown at Nuevo Laredo Cantina until 8:30. Anna was starved, but it didn't take long for them to bring our dinner. We had so much left over that we took home three to-go boxes full. Got back home at 9:30.

Will flies back to Atlanta Sunday morning. One of his friends is getting married Sunday afternoon.

Matthew talked to the operator of the Roswell Chickfila yesterday about a job. Last night he was excited about the opportunity.

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