Monday, November 11, 2013

Braves Move to Cobb

Traffic will be no worse than that mess downtown. This summer I would leave Duluth at 3 pm to go to Turner Field. By the time I got to Atlantic Station, traffic on the downtown connector was already bumper to bumper, going 5-10 mph.

The new stadium will actually be closer for fans making the drive from Gwinnett. But all Gwinnettians can talk about anyway is how much they like going to Gwinnett Braves games more than Turner Field.

The move sounds like a good business deal to me – gives the Braves more money to spend on players. Turner Field is great, but the area around it isn't. Things would only get worse between now and 2037. The Braves came up with a plan to fix up the area, but no other businesses were interested in locating there.

Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed didn't seem to be shedding too many tears. Must be more of a Falcons fan. Now the city can tear up all those parking lots and plant trees and grass. Then we won't have to worry about global warming any more.

And how many fans take MARTA to the game anyway? Far less than ten percent. Do the math: the Braves average 30,000 per game. It would take 60 busses to shuttle 3000 fans. I walk past the line of busses to my car, so I don't have to pay the city $15.00 to park. Ain't no 60 busses in that line. More like 15 or 20. (Nerd that I am, I count them!).

I'm just worried the Braves will stop selling the one dollar Clark Howard seats!

In other news, today Brian McCann turned down the Braves' contract offer. The Braves could stay put if all these greedy ballplayers wouldn't demand so much money. It's a vicious circle.

Huge news day. As usual, fans are making completely erroneous statements. Can't blame the team. They make the move not only to make the fan experience better, but also to increase revenue so they can field a better team. Of course, the fans who say the team should increase payroll are too busy saying they shouldn't move.

Interesting that the deal was announced just after the mayoral election. Based on the JS video, it seemed like striking a favorable deal with the stadium authority just wasn't going to happen. Cobb Transit can bus fans just as easily as MARTA, who will feel the sting of future lost revenues. I didn't know how I could watch/listen to the JS video. Watched on my phone while I walked to the other building.

Talked to the Chief this weekend at Kroger. When I asked him what he was doing during the off-season he replied "I'm getting married next weekend!"

Yesterday I picked Will up from the airport at 9 am and drove back home. Drove M down to PCC at 1 pm. had to go pick him up at 7 pm. C brought A back after youth group so she could study. Since noon Saturday I've put 200 miles on my car – pretty much just from those three trips.

Will was worn out from his early flight home, so after the wedding he took a nap and hung around the house. Didn't drive back to Athens until this morning.

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