Tuesday, November 26, 2013

College Football Roundup

For the first time ever this year Vandy beat Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee. And they're still finishing in 4th place in the SEC East. I just hate Vanderbilt. Not because my dad likes them from when he lived in Nashville. Not because Ceil's aunt went there. Hideous uniforms. The coach doesn't seem too obnoxious, though he has the typical assistent coach shaved head. 

All the players whoop and holler and jump up and down and act like they're so superior, when the fact is Vandy is historically a school with a losing record. I know most all football players act like that, but players from winning schools, like the University of Alabama (or even UGA), don't act like that as much.

And what great quarterback ever had a name like Austyn Carta-Samuels? He sounds like a student at Vanderbilt. He does not sound like a football player. Or play like one: he ranks 91st in the nation in Total QB Rating.

Not a huge fan of those grey Volunteer uniforms. Usually the Vols have one of the best uniforms in the country. Shoot me, but I like teams with good uniforms better than teams with ugly uniforms.

Reid's Roundup
1. Loved Georgia Southern over Florida…agree.

2. Hated Saints over Falcons…agree. At least the Falcons made a game of it.
3. Loved Georgia over Kentucky…agree. Hated Aaron Murray getting hurt.
4. Hated FSU over Idaho…disagree.
5. Loved Vandy over Tennessee…disagree. 
6. Hated Miami over Virginia…bad for Tech, but I really didn't care.
7. Loved LSU over Texas A&M…below.
8. Hated Arkansas St over Georgia State…agree
9. Loved Miss. St over Arkansas…I don't like either school. Saw it was on and had nothing to watch, but I still didn't turn it on.
10. Hated Missouri over Mississippi…agree.
11. Loved Ga Tech over Alabama A&M…agree
12. Hated Giants over Dallas…agree. All the calls went the Cowboys way. Loved the 20 yard loss on Dez Bryant's fumble. You saw how cold it was during the game, didn't you?
13. Loved Central Florida over Rutgers…agree.

14. LOVED Oklahoma State over Baylor. This was the game I was waiting for all day. As expected, when the over-hyped Bears finally played a team of substance, they weren't able to keep up. It did seem like several early breaks went Oklahoma State's way, but Baylor was never able to recover.

At noon Saturday there was no game on TV that I wanted to watch. Turned on LSU/Texas A&M at 3:30 and watched, but I really didn't get into it. I like LSU ok. Great uniforms. I like Mettenberger but I'm not a big Les Miles fan. People just don't know that Johnny Manziel is actually having a better season than last year. He leads the country in touchdowns produced. His game Saturday wasn't the greatest, but it's hard for one guy to win every game.

Clemson/The Citadel: Hated the all purple uniforms, even though they were to honor those with Purple Hearts. I can understand Dabo breaking them out for the seniors in a non-televised game. Great that US Army veteran Daniel Rodriguez was able to score a touchdown. With both teams in the running for BCS bowl games, a loss by either Clemson or South Carolina will be heart-breaking.

Ceil and Anna had a good time at the Georgia / Kentucky game. I watched some of it Sunday. The Gurley touchdown where he catapulted over the guy with the ball stretched out in his arm was exactly like Knowshawn Moreno's touchdown against Arizona in the season opener several years ago. With Murray out don't expect any dropoff in quarterback play with Hudson Mason in. Plus teams will be expecting the run, so they'll be caught off guard by Mason's excellent passing all the more.

Tech fans expecting a competitive game will once again have their sheltered college football viewpoint completely exposed. Tech's defense will not be able to stop Georgia offense. Vad Lee does not run the option well enough to beat the Bulldog defense. Paul Johnson won't give Robert Godhigh enough touches, and over-hyped backs Simms and Days will stumble and slip (and probably fumble).

Despite the BCS rankings, a lot could happen before the bowl games are set. The Auburn/Alabama game could go either way. Now Auburn has put themselves into a position where they could possibly play for the national championship should they win out. Ohio State has to get past both Michigan and Michigan State. The Buckeyes may be decent, but a steady diet of weak teams may make them unprepared for the Spartans. The polls and debate over the top two teams will be fierce.

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