Monday, November 04, 2013

Nov 2 College Football Roundup

Georgia/Florida: Listened to parts of the first half on the radio as we drove around Athens, then watched the second half on one of the big screens in Will’s dorm. It seemed like for the entire time I watched the Florida players were trying to get in the extra late hit or push, mouthing off to the Georgia players, trying to start fights. And for almost the entire game the Florida players got away with it. Very rarely did I see a Georgia player initiate unbecoming behavior. Still, every time an unsportsmanlike penalty was called, they most often went against both teams. Only when the hands inside the facemask penalty was called against the Florida noseguard did an official’s call go against Florida - giving Georgia the first down they needed to run out the clock. On the next play the Gator players responded by initiating more scuffles, tying to get Georgia players thrown out of the game. It was obvious that Aaron Murray was going to take a knee, but a Gator defender charged through the line. It appeared that Murray and Gurley were called for penalties just for what they said.

Mark Bradley may have been accurate with his assessment that Will Muschamp is not the answer as coach at Florida. I have no respect for the Gators. After the game, after Mark Richt kissed his wife, he was seen limping off the field. I thought he got a hip replacement after last season. Perhaps he will always have that limp, or the hip was sore was tired after standing all day. Several plays went against the Dawgs in the second half that Richt had no control over, like the dropped lateral. Too many defenders on the field was the defensive coordinator’s fault.

Georgia Tech/Pittsburgh: So many times Tech plays to the level of their competition. Even with the improved defense I do not see Tech stopping Clemson’s potent offense, or being able to score many points against Clemson’s defense. Tech’s only hope is that Clemson will once again fall flat in front of a national audience. Many Tiger fans think that Tech has Clemson’s number, but I don’t.

Reid’s Weekend Football Review, with my comments…
1. Loved  Georgia over Florida. Agreed. More on that game above.
2. Hated  W Ky over Ga State. Agreed. 
3. Loved  Auburn over Arkansas. Agreed. I dislike Arkansas. I like Auburn ok, but want them to have the big head going into the Georgia game.
4. Hated  Texas A&M over UTEP. The Aggies might be invited to the Chickfila Bowl.
5. Loved  Tech over Pitt. Agreed. Not looking good for Tech against Clemson, though.
6. Loved  Missouri over Tennessee. Disagree. I don’t like Missouri, though I do like their backup QB.
7. Hated  Dallas over Minnesota. Agreed. I only watched the last two plays of the game. Was hoping Dallas would lose on the last play of the game two weeks in a row.
8. Loved  Philadelphia over Oakland. Agreed. Oakland got the big head after winning one game.
9. Hated  Carolina over Falcons. Agreed. I really dislike the Panthers, even before they drafted Cam Newton. Season not turning out well for the Falcons, but fans can’t expect elite seasons every year. At least they’re having more good seasons than bad seasons. I did not watch the game.

Georgia: Gator or Outback
Clemson: Sugar or Chick-fil-a
Georgia Tech: Belk or Russell Athletic
Central Florida: Fiesta or Orange
Chick-fil-a: Clemson or Miami vs Missouri or Texas A&M (though Clemson played in last year’s CFA Bowl. They did not travel to Atlanta this season, though they played THREE games in Atlanta in 2012.

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