Monday, November 04, 2013

Roy's Retirement

My main responsibility at work is making sure the operation of our on-site VMI warehouse at EZGo runs smoothly. One of the bright spots at work every day these past few years has been talking to Roy, one of the VMI employees. Roy looks like a little mischievous elf – always up to something with a smile on his face. Like clockwork every morning Roy would call first thing – not about work, but about the world in general and the Braves in particular. During day games I would provide updates and scores, though he had his ways of keeping up himself. Though he came off as a younger man, Roy’s knees were suffering from standing on concrete every day, so he had to move on. He’s applying for Social Security and taking on a part time job. In his spare time Roy gardens and sometimes conducts funerals. Wednesday two big-wigs from Norcross drove over to Augusta to take him to lunch – a nice touch. Roy will be missed.   

THURSDAY: Got hit with so many things Thursday morning at work that I needed my walk just to get away and sort things out. It’s month end AND Halloween, and I need to get out of here early today.

Matthew’s get-together in Alpharetta was cancelled, and his buddies from our East Cobb small group are all doing different things for the first time in 15 years. We knew this would eventually happen, and are surprised it hadn’t happened years earlier. Matthew wants for us to take him the 30 miles up to Canton so he can trick or treat with his girlfriend. Anna is getting together with friends, but they’re not trick-or-treating.

When the boys moved in next door last year, they made friends with a few other boys in the neighborhood. They don’t ride mini-bikes behind our houses any more, but they still hang out and shoot baskets or throw the football. I really don’t want to leave the house vacant tonight with all those boys next door…plus our dog will be going crazy with all the activity out on the street.

Those Red Sox were on a roll. Interesting interview with the 88 year old man, and nice that Jim Joyce spoke to him. I wonder if Joyce “knew” the man from his games at Fenway over the years. Also a good summation blog post on by DOB. I happened to read it not long after it had been posted – only 3 comments. I couldn’t resist asking if the Braves might re-sign Francoeur.

FRIDAY: Picked up six bags of candy at Kroger on the way home yesterday, but there were so few trick or treaters that I didn’t give out two bags worth. Boys next door must’ve gone somewhere else. Ceil took Matthew to Sarah’s. On the way they stopped at Chipotle for their $3.00 burritos. Anna and her friends also went to Chipotle. She spent the night at one of her friends. Saturday she takes the SAT.

Wednesday when co-worker Chris was driving up to her house she noticed flyers in all her neighbors’ doors and mailboxes. A kid had typed up a notice for everyone in the neighborhood, reminding everyone about Halloween and listed the preferred treats – no dum dums. In Orlando Chris’ dad wanted a quiet evening of watching the South Florida football game, but the trick-or-treaters wanted his autograph instead of candy.

Last night I watched the first 90 minutes of the World Without End miniseries. Quite different from the book. Every time Reid mentions Kingsbridge I think about Ken Follett’s books. I am about 20% of the way through World Without End. The queen and her son are hardly mentioned in the book, but are shown often on the show. Later I had to go pick up Matthew in Milton.

Looks like we’re going to Athens this weekend to visit with Will. Taking him over some winter clothes.

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