Wednesday, October 30, 2013

World Series < Super Bowl

Interesting video by Keith Olbermann on how a series of bad decisions caused the World Series audience to drop from over 60% of all televisions being watched (37 millions viewer) in the 1970's to less than ten million viewers today. No sporting events are scheduled while the Super Bowl is being played because no one would watch, but the World Series schedules its games up against the NFL and college football – starting games after 8 pm on the east coast…losing half its audience. This has been going on for so long that the generation of kids that quit watching has grown up and continues to not watch. Here's an article that shares the video:

Didn't realize there was a World Series game until about 10 pm. Earlier in the day I had actually checked to see when the next game was, and it obviously wasn't clear.

See where Shaq filmed a political campaign advertisement for New Jersey governor Chris Christie? There was a blurb that mentioned it. What the AJC didn't say was that Shaq's part of the ad was filmed here in metro Atlanta, at a school near his house in Gwinnett County. My co-worker's daughter is principal of the school, and Shaq patiently posed for pictures with all the teachers and students – wearing the same outfit he wore in the commercial. Here's the link:

Read the long interview that had been posted on Lang. Interesting website. I may read a few more interviews on there, like the shoe designer.

I'm sure having a problem keeping up with the walking. I was ready to go yesterday morning, but it was raining. Was a few minutes late on my afternoon walk, and barely saw the guy I pass every day. Worked til 5 pm. Looked for my running outfit, but didn't have a shirt to run in. I brought it today.

Stopped by Kroger on the way home. Yogurt and Tombstone pizzas were on sale, so I stocked up. Ceil fixed French toast for dinner. Also bacon. I also fixed bowls of popcorn for me and Matthew – using my new red air popcorn popper. I've had the same air popper for many years, and worry it will give out one day. The new one is ok, just smaller and louder. I'll stick with my old one as long as it lasts. While eating the popcorn I watched a JFK documentary on Netflix.

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