Monday, October 28, 2013

Top QB's: Oct 26

In this age of media over-exposure a college football player wanting to win the Heisman Trophy can’t afford to have an off week, especially to a weak opponent. Let’s compare this weekend’s stat lines for seven of the top college quarterbacks: Tajh Boyd, Teddy Bridgewater, Johnny Manziel, Marcus Mariota, AJ McCarron, Bryce Petty, and Jameis Winston.

player att-com..%..yd/
TB LOU 25-29 862 11.9….3…3…0…220.0     
BP BAY 20-32 625 13.4….3…0…0…206.3
JW FSU 16-26 615 11.2….3…1…1…186.3
AM ALA 19-27 704 10.2….2…0…0…180.4
JM A&M 25-35 714 08.7….4…2…1…176.6
MM OR  21-28 750 08.2….1…2…0…155.8
TB CLE  28-41 682 07.4….1…4…1…133.7

Manziel backs it up on the field. Was that what Bobby Layne was like? Or Paul Hornung. Back in the day athletes didn’t have to worry about everything they did being reported in the press. But even then Manziel he doesn’t try to be the center of attention like a Dez Bryant. He’s just trying to have a good time. Others are always taking pictures of him and trying to make money off him. He’s learning his lessons. I’m sure he’d rather not have to take classes on-line to avoid the crush of well-wishers.

Manziel has the same popularity problem that Chicago Bulls guy had back in the 80’s & 90’s. I do like Johnny Football’s all-out style of play. He may get hurt, and he might not make it in the pros, but he is a great college football player. Perhaps his best two performances came in his team’s two losses, when the Texas A&M defense gave up over 40 points. It’s unfortunate that a great player has to consider cutting his college career short because of the crush of media focused on him.

This Saturday ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit mentioned how Manziel is having an even better season this year than he did last year. Even so, I doubt he wins a second Heisman. Marcus Mariota quarterback’s the #2 ranked Oregon Ducks, leads the country in passing, and has defeated what scant competition he has out West. Many won’t vote for Manziel for two reasons: (1) his off-season in the news and (2) people don’t want another repeat winner. Though Gurley and Murray and Clowney and Boyd have faded, AJ McCarron, Jameis Winston, and the Alabama running back and will rob Southern votes from Manziel.

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