Monday, October 07, 2013

NLDS Games 2 & 3

This would be a different series if the Braves had Hudson, Beachy, Venters, O'Flaherty, and Martinez. No team that lost half their pitching staff to season-ending injuries can be expected to advance deep in the postseason. Sunday night three rookies pitched for the Braves. They're down to their fourth-string second-baseman. I love Elliot Johnson, but Pena or Pastornicky would've helped as well.

The Braves should be commended for the season they've had. The Nationals, Reds, Angels, Rangers, and Yankees were all expected to go further than the Braves were, and where are they? Sitting at home watching. Fredi Gonzalez should be voted manager of the year.

Last night the Braves fought right to the end, making it worth staying up for. Gattis had three more hits, while McCann remained hitless in the series. As hitting coach Greg Walker predicted, Justin Upton is heating up Hopefully that will continue. Seems like everyone is expecting the Braves' number eight hitter to carry the team, which is unfair. Teheran made some bad pitches, especially to Puig. As much of a free-swinger as he is, there is no reason to throw him a strike.

The Dodger Stadium demographic has changed over the years. In the past the crowd was all white. Last night baseball's cathedral was packed with people of Hispanic origin, who were much more vocal than docile Dodger congregations of old. Nothing wrong with that.

That said, the season is not over yet. There is no reason the Braves cannot win tonight to force game five. And then anything can happen.

Drove home Friday and parked myself in front of the TV for the Braves game. A great game. I was on the edge of my seat. Ceil cooked burgers. Anna drove off to hang out with friends, and slept over so they could study together Saturday morning.

Saturday I watched College Gameday, did laundry, blew the driveway, drove to the bank, and watched the Dawgs. Ceil grilled chicken and broccoli.

Sunday I cleaned upstairs, drove Matthew to church, and picked up Ceil. On the way home we stopped by Perimeter Mall, Target, Publix, and BP. Ceil cooked ribs for Matthew's birthday.

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