Thursday, October 17, 2013

Baby Steps

Monday I walked at ten and two. After work I walked/ran two laps at the nearby soccer park.

That evening M went to a girls volleyball game at JFBC, to hang out with friends. I had to pick him up. He said a teenager broke his ankle playing pickup basketball, and was screaming in pain. C fixed burritos for dinner. Lunch was 1-1/2 hamburgers, loaded with lettuce and tomato to make up for my lack of ketchup.

Tuesday I walked at ten and two. After work I played 18 holes of par three golf. I figure I walked at least two miles. No hills, but lots of undulation. I played decent, perhaps better than I had the two times I had played earlier in the month. Afterwards I was worn out. Ate cereal on the way home (not Taco Bell) and a tasty bowl of Ceil’s meaty chili. Lunch had been leftover beef stew: meat, carrots, onions, and gravy. No potatoes. Went to bed early, and didn’t wake up when everyone went to bed.

Even though I was sore I still walked at ten and two on Wednesday. At least five co-workers also walk, including one lady in accounting who basically runs. Every now and then I’ll run into a co-worker who wants to say hello, so since I’m on the clock I will stop for a quick chat.  

Had the last of the leftover stuffed manicotti shells for lunch. Friday I’ll probably be lunching on the leftover chili.

Just saw where Scot and Peggy Wright are hosting an art sale in their home next week to benefit the Lighthouse Family Retreat. I know David Hurt and his family have served at Lighthouse. Paintings, jewelry, and pottery. Artists include Nancy Shippen, Leah Stephens, Libby Mims, Cantey Deeter, Jan Eubanks, Barbara Johnston, and many other names I do not recognize.

Tuesday I got busy catching back up on my calendar scrapbook, and cleaning up other old stuff sitting around on my desk.

Trivia question of the day: What was the name of Charlie Brown’s favorite baseball player? OK to cheat.

See where Puig thought he hit a home run, so he started off his slow trot, then realized he needed to run? ESPN had a poll: funny or disrespectful? Only two states answered disrespectful: Missouri (Cardinals) and Georgia (Braves).

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