Thursday, October 17, 2013

Continuing the Craze

Won an eBay auction for a 2000 Greg Maddux Las Vegas Toros bobblehead – the first time I won an auction that involved last second bidding. Sunday I lost an auction because I wasn’t familiar with the process. Today I waiting until the auction had less than a minute to go. There had been no bids, so I bid the $8.95 starting price. Bids go up fifty cents, so to be sure I got ready to bid more. I wanted to beat both 9.45 and 9.95. I thought someone might bid 10.05 or 10.10. Sure enough, someone bid $9.99. But I was ready, and hit SEND with a bid of $10.11. Wonder if anyone would pay fifty dollars for it.

Not planning on buying up many eBay bobbleheads, though I did want a Maddux. Most of the 2003 Braves Maddux dolls are priced around fifty bucks, though one current auction is starting at a dollar. Your bobblehead email back in March started me on this craze, you know. 

Last week I bought a Gwinnett Gladiators “Runaway Bride” bobblehead for $0.60. Believe it or not, a few years ago I stumbled across Jennifer Wilbanks on Facebook so I sent her a friend request. Thought about unfriending her, but never have. She leads a nice life: UGA football games, snow skiing trips, etc. I am also friends with Charlie Brown’s favorite baseball player (or a guy with the same name).

I’ll have to check out Ballpark Chasers, but not The Ogre has figured out I like to leave early to go to Braves games to get the dollar ticket (he likes to buy things on sale).

I need to read what Wren said, saying that Gattis showed he could take the pounding behind the plate. Wren may be a decent GM, but like Stan Kasten before him, you really can’t take his word on stuff, like last year’s “greatest outfield in baseball.” Speaking of Gattis, I stumbled across a blog post by the photographer who had the idea to pose Gattis with the stuffed polar bear. He then sold the idea to Sports Illustrated. The Saturday morning of the Turner Field shoot Gattis arrived in a sportcoat and tie, and excitedly checked out the bear before changing into uniform.

Almost finished with my blog page of Braves lineups and stats. I need to fill in a few gaps with photographs, though I’ve added almost every Braves Sports Illustrated cover I can remember. There may be one more of Hank Aaron in a grey road uni I need to track down. Also need to add 1966 and the 2013 stats.

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