Saturday, October 12, 2013

Life in the Fast Food Lane

Hire Lane Kiffin at Georgia Tech? Probably not worth the trouble. I haven't been a Lane Kiffin expert, on what he brings to the table. But you know me...I'm usually not a fan of guys like him. All the Tennessee people hate him, which may be close enough to discourage other GT fans. Tech is still paying off Hewitt, which makes getting rid of Johnson harder. Then when they do get rid of PJ there will be more money to pay. Right now it sounds like defensive coordinator Ted Roof might be the next coach.

I really don't care who they get. I'd be happy if they win the games they're supposed to and not get blown out in the other games. You'd think if Stanford and Northwestern could be successful in their conferences, Tech could be an upper tier ACC school. GT fans seem happy as long as they go to a bowl, even though most southeastern bowls do everything possible to avoid picking GT. 

Ceil doesn't like Johnson because he looks so mean.

Tuesday I passed a Chickfila (across from Stoney River) had a tent set up near the drive thru. An employee was outside giving personal service. We have received good service at that CFA as well. I think Ceil knows the manager. That is where Matthew put in an application to work.

Sunday I was starving. I had dropped C off at Perimeter Mall. The only place close was McDonalds. Service was ok, but my burger was bland. I am always disappointed with McDonalds.

Left work Tuesday at 11:30 and drove home. Didn’t have time for lunch before it was time to go pick up Anna. On the way I remembered I had Wendy’s coupons. Single burgers are $3.50 now but very good. Loaded it with pickles, tomato, lettuce, mustard, and ketchup. Didn’t ask for cheese, but they added it. Very good. I’ll have to use my other coupons.

Blew leaves, cleaned the kitchen, read, napped. Ceil cooked black beans and rice for supper.

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