Monday, October 21, 2013

Life in the Adjoining Room?

Went I got home from work Friday Anna came out and drove off, and she was come pretty much from then until 8 pm Sunday night. Spent the night at two different friend’s houses. She did get some studying done. Saturday night she spent the night at the Hargreaves, who hosted a swing dance party. Even Matthew went to that.

Friday afternoon Ceil drove down to look at fabric at IKEA and other places. We took Matthew to eat at El Porton in the stinky Kroger shopping center. We used to go there a lot, but eventually started eating at healthier places. El Porton was super crowded, perhaps because it was a Friday with warm weather. Back home Ceil sewed herself a new purse. She didn’t finish until almost 2 am. I was checking on the Central Florida/Louisville game, but also watched the movie Money ball. Ceil watched it as she sewed.

Saturday morning we watched ESPN College GameDay. Bill Murray was hilarious, wrestling with Lee Corso, throwing the FSU spear, hitting golf balls. I did laundry and watched football, particularly Georgia Tech. Ceil shopped for groceries, and I made two trips up to the Hargreaves, taking M to the dance. We had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.

Sunday I met Ceil at the 12:30 Passion service. Louie told a good story about his first plane trip/hotel stay. He was speaking at a youth conference that wanted to treat him well. All they could talk about was the great hotel room he was getting. He checked in and saw it was nice, but still couldn’t understand why everyone was talking about it. After he spoke he went back to the room and ordered a room service cheeseburger. When the burger was late Louie heard a knock down the hallway, but not at his room. Thinking they had the wrong room, Louie opened the door to tell the waiter where he was. The waiter left the burger at the other door, came down to into his room and opened an inside door – that led to the rest of Louie’s suite. Kitchenette, dining room, a door to another bedroom. Big gift basket and event T-shirt. The guy at the desk at cut a key not to the suite’s main door, but to the adjoining bedroom door on the side. Louie almost missed out on the tremendous blessing. This was Louie’s analogy to Ephesians 3:20, that God wants to do “exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think” – to not live life in the adjoining room.

Saw Dan Gastley at Passion, and his wife Jennifer. Should’ve asked him if he always goes to that 12:30 service. After the service we gave Ceil’s friend a ride home, then went back to IKEA. Then Ceil wanted to see if any Switchfoot tickets were available that that evening’s sold out concert. I let her off and parked on a shady spot. I noticed the tour bus, and Ceil got to see two members of the band. She got tickets, and we went home. By then (4:30) I was hungry and had a headache. I ate leftover spaghetti and took a quick nap. Later I watched the Bruce Willis movie RED – very good. Also watched some football highlights and Peyton’s return to Indianapolis. Also Modern Family. Worked on the computer and went to bed.

M and C stayed for Switchfoot lead singer Jon Foreman’s after concert. Then they took David Norman and Rob Kelly back to their car at the Lindbergh MARTA station. They didn’t get home until after 1:30 am.

Back walking today. Friday I got in both my miles.

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