Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Total QB Rating with Oct 12 Games

My post with last week’s college football total quarterback ratings cracked my top ten most popular blog posts. Every week updates the rankings, and it’s fun to compare the top QB’s in the nation, SEC, and ACC. The ratings can be found here:

This week half of the top ten QB’s play in the SEC. Georgia’s Aaron Murray has led the SEC pack all year. Eight of the 14 ACC quarterbacks are rated 40th or lower. here are the top ten in the nation, plus all the SEC and ACC quarterbacks:

1. 97.0 Mariota, Oregon: Heisman front-runner
2. 95.1 Petty, Baylor: finally played a real defense
3. 93.3 Murray, GA: can’t win every week by himself
4. 91.3 Winston, FSU: ACC player of the year?
5. 91.2 Mettenberger, LSU
6. 88.3 Manziel, Texas A&M: another great performance
7. 87.1 Murphy, Florida: will feast on UGA defense?
8. 86.5 Sams, Kansas State
9. 86.1 Prescott, Miss St
10. 86.0 Morris, Miami (2nd in ACC)
11. 80.4 Bridgewater, Louisville: not impressive Thursday
17. 81.3 Whitlow, KY: holding his own against big boys
20. 80.4 Bortles, UCF: rating falls as schedule toughens
22. 78.7 Hunt, Syracuse (3rd in ACC)  
23. 78.2 Savage, Pittsburgh (4th in ACC)
25. 77.4 Renner, North Carolina (5th in ACC)  
29. 76.0 Franklin, Missouri: out for the year
32. 75.3 C. Shaw, SC: lit up Arkansas Saturday
34. 75.0 Brown, Maryland (6th in ACC)
40. 73.9 Boyd, Clemson (7th in ACC) big game Saturday
43. 72.4 McCarron, Alabama: just win, baby
44. 72.3 Rettig, BC (8th in ACC) plays in a good system
45. 70.7 Connette, Duke (9th in ACC) 
55. 65.4 Marshall, Auburn
59. 63.2 Worley, Tennessee
61. 62.7 L. Thomas, VT (10th in ACC) great size/poor results
70. 57.7 Wallace, Ole Miss: looked bad in 4th quarter
73. 56.3 P. Thomas, NC ST (11th in ACC) lost to lowly Syracuse
76. 55.6 Vad Lee, GT (12th in ACC) redshirt soph struggling   
87. 50.2 Samuels, Vandy
88. 48.9 Allen, Arkansas
92. 45.7 Watford, Virginia (13th in ACC)
99. 41.0 T. Price, Wake Forest (14th in ACC)

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