Wednesday, October 16, 2013


With things pretty calm at work I started back walking on Friday. Several people walk around the complex every day. I’ve done it in the past and need to get back to it. I’ll try to walk the complex twice a day, at 10 am and 2 pm, when EZGo is in their twice daily meetings. Now I just need to work out in the mornings and after work as well.

On the way home Friday I found one of those things I’m always on the lookout for: a NICE golf bag. Even though I played horribly these last two times I went out, this bag was the right bag at the right price. A beautiful blue color trimmed in black, with shiny silver lettering. A huge tour Callaway bag.

Ceil made stuffed pasta shells for supper. C and I liked it, but M and A didn’t. After dinner I cleaned the kitchen. M and C were doing schoolwork, so I went to bed.

Saturday was college football. Cleaned upstairs and did some laundry. Ate leftovers. Drove M up to Sarah’s…they went to the fair in Cumming. She gave him a new wallet for his birthday, plus a bow tie. Went back to pick him up around 10 pm.

Sunday I cleaned and did more laundry. Also worked on the computer. Will took M to the REI scratch & dent sale. W bought some climbing shoes and a $500.00 jacket for fifty. M bought a $100.00 jacket for twenty. Both W and M wore their jackets the rest of the day. Drove down to PCC to get Matthew at 7:15. Stopped by Kroger. After studying all afternoon, Will cooked burgers for supper. Ceil fixed homemade baked French fries and salad. Before supper I told M he didn’t want to spill food on his nice jacket, so he immediately went and changed.

Today Will is missing his intramural football playoff game to help out at the Camp Highland golf tournament. It’s his third year helping out. He had to go back to Athens at 1 pm for a class.

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