Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Without End

Didn’t even turn on the TV last night. Went by the library and checked out “World Without End.” Last night I stumbled across a book called Top of the Order: 25 Writers Pick Their Favorite Baseball Player of All Time. It has a forward by W. P Kinsella. Amazon only had paperbacks (that I could tell), so I bought a new copy for a penny plus shipping.

Can’t believe they scheduled Game One opposite the Duck Dynasty Season Finale.

Might’ve mentioned reading a fellow’s website who visited all the MLB ballparks this summer. I started reading it and making a list of the miles, dollars, and what he did every day. When I finish with the list next week I will publish it. I liked some of the stuff he did, but I would do some stuff differently. This morning I made a list of what my route would be, including possible extra stops. I’ll post that as well.

Saw John Parkes at a Braves game this summer. We were standing in line together for tickets and he told me about getting his money stolen. He has been doing some traveling around lately as well. Parkes said he had recently went out to sing in John Condra’s choir when Condra was subbing out east of town.

Walked both am and pm Monday, then ran/walked after work at the soccer fields. It was raining Tuesday morning, so I only got in my 2 pm walk. Will go back to the soccer fields after work for 2 more. Didn’t get in Wednesday’s morning walk until noon. Was ten minutes late starting my 2 pm walk. My boss got cake for the two most recent office birthdays – including me (yes, mine is in August). I figured we couldn’t cut the cake until three, so I headed out at 2:05 to walk. Every afternoon I pass the same fellow just arriving for the second shift. We’ve started swapping greetings, but today I missed him. At the halfway point I checked my time, as usual. I was a half mile away from the office, and my co-worker was calling. The boss was ready to cut the cake. I try to walk fast, but I had to walk back extra fast. Only ate one small piece.

I mentioned how I discovered one of the CRV shiny wheels somehow wasn’t shiny any more. I figured I had missed that fact when buying the car at the dealership, even though I was sure I had checked all the wheels to make sure they matched. When I discovered the dull wheel I checked the tires – which were all the same model tire, in the same excellent condition. Last week I noticed that both front wheels were dull. Only then did I figure out the shiny wheels were hubcaps. Either Ceil/Anna hit a curb and they fell off, or someone is stealing them one at a time. I really didn’t like the shiny hubcaps anyway.

Like Paul Johnson said, Tech always struggles up in Charlottesville. Tech should win, but you never know. Virginia played Oregon tough for a quarter or two, and GT is no Oregon.

I had a headache Sunday and Monday, and wasn’t feeling too good last night. Took some pills before I went to bed, and have felt ok ever since. But just ok. Ceil cooked pork tenderloin Monday night. I also had broccoli and later yogurt and popcorn. Passed on the mashed potatoes. Tuesday Ceil cooked wings for the kids and chicken and salad for us. For lunch Tuesday I had the last of the chili. Wednesday it was leftover pork chops.

Monday night a Bob Uecker bobblehead auction was ending, and I wanted to watch. There had already been 8 bids, and I figured there would be a flurry at the end. For fun I prepared one bid slightly higher than the current bid, and I bid it right as the auction closed. No one else bid, so I won. Now I’m tracking a few similar items to see if I overpaid. Since I’m so into bobbleheads, I bit the bullet Tuesday and bought a Three Stooges “Moe” bobblehead. Now I have 51 different bobbleheads. Includes a couple of statuettes and nesting dolls. Running out of room on Matthew’s shelf. I have a bunch of Coke bottles as well. Would be tough to sell (and ship) the bottles on eBay. I may try selling on Craig’s List. Mine are packed away under my bed. Olympics, Braves, Falcons, etc. I also have several special six-packs of cans. Over ten years ago I finally quit getting every new bottle that came out.

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