Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Chipotle and GameDay

You ought to see Matthew order at a place like Barbaritos or Willys or Moes. He only gets black beans and chicken and cheese on his burrito, so after they put on black beans and chicken, M then asks for more black beans. The last time we went to Willys, Will kept adding his ingredients and his burrito was huge.

Speaking of those kind of places, that's what we did Friday night. Anna went to a sleepover and Ceil was worn out. I suggested Willys, but we'd been there too many times lately. She agreed to El Porton next to the stinky Kroger, but when we got there she changed her mind to Chipotle. I should've driven to the one in Roswell at Mansell, cattycorner to that Barbaritos. Its nicer than the little Chipotle in East Cobb, which is always crowded. But I didn't think about that. Ceil and I got burrito bowls. The service was bad, and it made me forget some of the ingredients that I wanted. As we were almost finished a couple in our small group came in, so we stayed and talked to them while we ate. Talked til almost 10 pm. Afterwards C had to pick up some things at Publix.

Saturday we watched ESPN College Gameday, which was broadcast from right outside Will's dorm. He had made a sign, and we saw the sign whenever they showed Lee Corso. Watched some of SC at Central Florida. One time the ball got away from the UCF QB. He fell on the ball, and the play should've been whistled dead. But a split second later a SC lineman slid in and knocked the ball loose, that stole the ball from the UCF QB. The officials gave the ball to SC, who scored a touchdown in the next play. SC won 28-25.

The GA/LSU game was fantastic. CBS had a camera in front of the student section the entire game. Toward the end of the game I saw Will, standing at the end of a row behind the guys painted red, spelling out GEORGIABULLDOGS. He was holding the "G" sign in the row of students holding up the GEORGIABULLDOGS signs. In the next section were the guys wearing the spiked shoulder pads. One of those guys was Mark Fox, the UGA head basketball coach.

Matthew's friend Sarah had come over, and Ceil fixed BBQ sandwiches on the Panini press (on homemade buns), cole slaw, baked beans, sweet potato fries, and brownies. Later I watched the Braves game, and parts of some of the other football games.

Sunday M had arranged himself another lunch meeting at the Lindbergh Five Guys. I also cleaned upstairs and downstairs, and did a bunch of laundry. Watched the Braves and a little of the Falcons. Will's friend Caleb was one of the soldiers holding the huge flag before the Falcons game.

Trip to Augusta on Monday went well. Had to pick up Krispy Kreme doughnuts for the guys. Out of $578,396.48 of inventory we came up $288.00 over – a difference of 0.04%. Ate a couple of pieces of Pizza Hut pizza for lunch while working. Didn't get back to the office until 5:45. For supper Ceil fixed roast beef, mashed potatoes, homemade rolls, and kale.

Is Jim Haskell still the pastor at that church on Bolton Road? He went to Tech and was friends with Fred O and Steve Norman. We don't know each other, but we both know OF each other.

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