Sunday, October 27, 2013

Trivia, From Long Ago

Old trivia notes that I never wrote up, from long ago…

1. LOTH: What is my name? Xanna. Five points.
2. GEOGRAPHY: World’s smallest ocean? Arctic. One point.
3. ARITHMETIC: Square root of 25? Five. Three points. This is when I arrived, and stole the score sheet from Denise.
4. GEOGRAPHY: What continent is Greece a part of? Haley knew: Europe. Five points.
5. MOVIES: Who played Catwoman in the 2012 Batman movie? Elizabeth knew: Anne Hathaway. Three points.
6. FAMOUS PEOPLE: Who invented the telephone? Alexander Graham Bell. One point.
7. HISTORY: Who defeated the Aztecs? I said Cortez. Three points.
8. TECHNOLOGY: AOL stands for? Five points.
9. MERICA: The Civil War began when? Denise answered 1861.
10. HALFTIME: What company’s ad line is…
…Moving Forward? Toyota (we said UPS)
…Are You in Good hands? Allstate. Two points.
…Rethink Possible? Microsoft (we said AT&T)
…Eat Fresh? Subway. We got the food one, of course. Two more points.
11. MERICA: What was the 14th state to enter the Union? Only three teams answered Vermont. A two point miss. 
12. HISTORY: Who invented the assembly line: I answered Henry Ford. Six points!
13. ART: The first Crayolas had how many crayons? We said six. The answer was eight. A four point miss.
14. POT PORRI: Ponce de Leon went to Florida to find? The fountain of youth. Six points.
15. PRESIDENTS: Reagan was the governor of what state? California. Four points.
16. SPORTS: Who had the most walks? I knew: Barry Bonds. Two points.
17. CARTOONS: Which Peanuts character is always dirty? Pigpen. Six points.
18. SPORTS: Which NFL team was the first to hire cheerleaders, in 1972? The Dallas Cowboys. Four points. Actually, there might’ve been a team that had cheerleaders before 1972.
19. LITERATURE: Who wrote the James Bond novels? Ian Fleming. Two points.
20. FINAL: Name the five highest selling vehicles of all time. We got (1) Corolla, (2) F150 pickup, and (4) VW Beetle. We missed on (3) VW Golf and (5) Ford Escort.

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