Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Rounding Third

Stumbled across a baseball blog right up my alley:  

A fan posts many details about his recent cross country journey visiting every MLB stadium. He posts the details of every day: what he did, what he ate, miles travels, dollars spent, details about each game, and lots more stuff. Something I would do. He also posts lots of photographs. He also muses on things he thinks about and conversations he has with other fans. The guy is much more outgoing than I would be. He often spends the night with family or friends. He takes time to visit team museums and take ballpark tours, and take side trips to places like the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown and the Louisville Slugger Factory. My dream trip. I’ve even daydreamed about blogging about such a trip.

This fan mentions that he has crossed paths more than once with others taking the same journey. That got me thinking: someone should create a website for fans that have made similar journeys to post the details and dates of their trip, or the progress they have made. Something they should have for hikers of the Appalachian Trail. Something I should set up were I a website pro.

Of course I had to list the progress I’ve made visiting all the parks. I’ve done so before, but teams change stadiums every now and then.

30 MLB Teams
20 MLB cities with stadiums I’ve seen or visited
15 MLB stadiums I have yet to visit
13 stadiums I’ve attended games at
11 stadiums I’ve seen in person (driven past, etc)
05 stadiums I’ve visited no longer in use
05 stadiums I’ve seen no longer in use

Stadiums I’ve watched games at:
1. Arlington Stadium, Texas
2. Atlanta Stadium
3. Atlanta’s Turner Field
4. Baltimore’s Camden Yards
5. Boston’s Fenway Park
6. Chicago’s old Comminsky Park
7. Chicago’s Wrigley Field
8. Houston’s Minutemade Park
9. New York’s Shea Stadium
10. St. Louis’ old Busch Memorial Stadium
11. St. Petersburg’s Tropicana Field
12. San Francisco Giants
13. Washington’s RFK Stadium

Stadiums I have seen in person (driven past, etc):
14. Anaheim Stadium
15. Chicago’s new Comminsky Park
16. Old Arlington Stadium
17. Cincinnati’s Riverfront Stadium
18. Denver’s Mile High Stadium
19. Detroit’s Tiger Stadium
20. Houston Astrodome
21. Kansas City’s Kaufman Stadium
22. Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium
23. Oakland Coliseum
24. Phoenix’ Bank One Ballpark

Stadiums I have yet to visit:
25. Cleveland Indians
26. Denver’s Coors Field
27. Detroit Tigers
28. Miami Marlins
29. Milwaukee’s Miller Park
30. Minnesota’s Target Field
31. New York’s Citi Field
32. New York’s Yankee Stadium
33. Philadelphia Phillies
34. Pittsburgh Pirates
35. St. Louis’ new Busch Stadium
36. San Diego Padres
37. Seattle Mariners
38. Toronto SkyDome
39. Washington’s Nationals Park

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