Wednesday, October 16, 2013

College Football Roundup

Another Saturday filled with college football…

ESPN College Gameday (10 am): Warren Moon should’ve taken off his cap. Hope Solo knew her stuff.

Georgia/Missouri (noon): The loss wasn’t Murray’s fault. Not his best game, but he can’t be expected to win every game by himself – with his top two running backs and top three receivers out hurt. Fans are saying how bad the defense is, when everyone knew going into the season that the defense was inexperienced and weak. No surprise there. Missouri winning really wasn’t even an upset. Let’s see how good Missouri does without their quarterback the rest of the way.

Clemson/Boston College (3:30 pm): BC is always tough. I knew Clemson would take the lead eventually. The BC coach is a screamer – after his first tantrum it wasn’t much fun to watch his theatrics. He would argue every call, unless it was an obvious mistake by his player. Then he would yell at his player. Still, a kid growing up in the Northeast has so few college football options, he isn’t going to turn down a scholarship to BC. Penn State, Syracuse, Connecticut,  Buffalo, Temple, and Rutgers are about the only major programs.

Toward the end of the game BC was totally unprepared to run the hurry up offense, and the announcers took note. This would get a coach in the South fired, but in the Boston newspapers college football takes a back seat to every other sport. Next week’s Clemson/FSU game should be interesting. FSU freshman QB Winston is ranked 4th in the nation in Total QB Rating. Clemson’s Heisman Trophy candidate Tajh Boyd ranks 40th (Mariota is first, Murray is third).   

Penn State/Michigan (3:30 pm): After the Clemson game I changed channels and saw Michigan lining up for a game-winning 52 yard field goal. The Wolverines lost this game. The kicker missed at least two game-winners, but Michigan should have won anyway. Michigan, who struggled mightily against Akron, will not provide much competition for undefeated Ohio State. But like Georgia’s weak defense, based on the experts pre-season predictions this might not be a surprise. And good for Penn State and good guy Bill O’Brien.

Georgia Tech/BYU (7 pm): I had been keeping up with game on Twitter, then listened to the fourth quarter as I drove to Roswell to pick up Matthew. More mistakes, penalties, and interceptions. Take those away, and the game would’ve been much closer. This is why Vad Lee should’ve played more last year.

Tigers/Red Sox: Then I saw where Detroit had a no-hitter in the ALCS. The starting pitcher was removed after six innings and 114 pitches. I nodded off and missed Boston’s ninth inning single, not saw the Tigers get the final out.    

Texas A&M/Ole Miss: (8 pm): After the Tigers won I flipped back to football. Ole Miss had the lead, but Johnny Football was driving the Aggies down the field. He dove into the corner of the end zone to tie the score with just over three minutes in the game. Then Ole Miss screwed up: instead of rolling out the clock to force overtime they threw three straight incompletions, not even taking twenty seconds off the clock. The play calls weren’t even good: the QB threw into traffic and was almost intercepted. So Manziel gets the ball back and drives Texas A&M down the field again, eating up seven to twelve yards at a time. They get down close and run the clock down and kick the easy field goal for the win. As the ball sailed through the uprights I turned off the TV and went to bed.

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