Tuesday, October 08, 2013

After the Party

Today it seems like we’re waking up after a great, wild party, trying to figure out what happened. Things weren’t perfect before the party and now it’s time to face the consequences. A good-looking, popular, rich guy you don’t like crashed the party, wearing blue. You turned your back on two friends who’d been letting you down for months. Now comes time to decide what kind of relationship you’re going to have with them going forward. These two guys carry so much baggage, but you owe so much to them that it will be hard to show them the door. Another good young friend who’d done so much for you wanted to sing at the party, but never got the chance. He never sings until the end of the party, and by then the music had stopped playing. Feelings were hurt.

Lots of people who didn’t even go to the party are talking about what happened, but since they weren’t there the whole time they are getting the facts wrong. Then others will start to believe them. Soon no one will remember what actually happened. So many guys couldn’t help at the party because they were sick. Or that the reason the party wasn’t good because the underclassmen who filled in for the sick guys hadn’t thrown as many parties. The fraternity president is blamed, when it really wasn’t his fault. Considering everything that happened, we were fortunate to be at the party in the first place.

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