Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Golf and Me

Monday was my customer’s annual vendor golf tournament. At least four co-workers made the trip:

Outside salesman: it’s his job to be there.
His boss: customers love for bigwigs to attend.
Quality Mgr: attended last year, and was invited this year.
Pricing Mgr: may spend 75% of his time on this customer.

Most days I wear golf shirts to work: Callaway, Masters, Nike, Golden Bear, adidas, etc. I even wear golf pants to work. My online work avatar is the Masters logo. My subscription to Golf magazine delivers to my work address. I talk about golf around the water cooler. I’ve played in company golf tournaments, and after work with co-workers.
I like golf. Wish I could play more. On my recent golfing adventures, I have no business on a golf course with customers.

Speaking of golf, this past Friday I stumbled across a nice Callaway tour golf bag at a thrift store. A beautiful shade of blue, trimmed in black, with silver lettering. Some wear, but just great for me. I had been looking for a nice tour bag ever since I didn’t buy an even nicer bag because one zipper was broken. When I came to my senses and retraced my steps, the bag had been sold. Now I have five golf bags for two full sets of clubs. Too many.

Blue/black Callaway tour bag.
Black Callaway pencil bag, for walking par three courses
Black Callaway stand-up bag. The legs work, but not very well.
Green Nike stand-up bag, favored by Will.
Red Ping carry bag. Old, used to store spare clubs.

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