Monday, October 28, 2013

Megatron's Latest Victim

Glad I watched the second half of the Lions/Cowboys. Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson were having a huge day. It drove Dallas WR Dez Bryant crazy, and he was even madder because he only had three catches. Stafford threw to Calvin twice as many times as Romo threw to Bryant. Johnson was tackled inside the five yard line four times – he almost had five touchdowns. Johnson’s 329 yards fell just short of Flipper Anderson’s all time single game record.

I thought the Lions had lost when Dallas had stopped them on fourth down, but when Detroit got the ball back after the field goal Stafford marched them down the field in four plays. Two more huge catches by Calvin. Then at the one yard line Stafford tells his team he’s going to “clock” the ball to stop the clock – but he sees the Dallas linebackers standing back off the line, so he decides to stick the ball over the top for the touchdown. Ball game. And the whole time Johnson was so low key – making the flashy Dez even madder. Bryant was wearing huge diamond earrings in both ears. Had Dallas lost because a great running back had a great game – instead of having another receiver making him look so bad, Bryant probably wouldn’t have thrown such a hissy fit.    

PL  G rec yards TD long avg yd/game
CJ 99 535 8467 61  96 16.2   87
DB 51 245 3512 35  85 14.3   68

The ageless Jay Feely (37) was kicking for the Cardinals. His 13th year in the league. I quickly turned off the Falcons and watched the NBC Football Night in America pregame, then the World Series. I just didn’t feel like doing anything. Anna and Matthew ate at Fellini’s Pizza. Ceil cooked pumpkin waffles, grits, bacon, and scrambled eggs. I sneezed a few times this weekend, but that was because it was chilly.

Took off Friday afternoon. Stopped by Wendys on the way home to use a coupon. Blew the driveway, cleaned some upstairs, and washed the CRV. After I armor-alled the wheels, Ceil drove off and ran over my bottle of armor-all.

Cleaned upstairs more Saturday morning, and folded laundry and did dishes during the GT/UVA and Clemson/Maryland games. Ceil planted some bushes, and Matthew and his friend Sarah went to the dollar movies. Afterward Ceil and I ate with them at El Porton, next to the stinky Kroger. The restaurant had pink chips for breast cancer awareness – and elaborate Halloween decorations. After dinner we drove Sarah home to Canton. Got back in time for the end of the SC/Mizzou and Cards/Red Sox games.

Sat with Becky and Joel Norman at church. Went home, ate a sandwich, and took a nap. One of the boys in Sunday School class that Joel teaches was Dan Uggla’s son.

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