Saturday, October 19, 2013

God is Good

God is good. Long before I met her, Ceil had a friend who wanted to go on a mission trip. Ceil had also wanted to go, but instead of going Ceil gave money to her friend so her friend could go on the mission trip. Not long after we got married we drove up to Richmond for her friend’s wedding. As far as I know, that is the last time Ceil ever heard from the friend. This week Ceil received a thick envelope in the mail from her parents. She often receives thick envelopes from them, sometimes filled with paperwork, smaller envelopes, newspaper articles, or goodies for the kids. This time there was a smaller envelope. Ceil opened it up, and it was stuffed with cash. Her friend was paying Ceil back – many times over. The friend didn’t have Ceil’s address, so she sent it to Jefferson.

Thursday night A went off to her Grace Church gathering down near Atlantic Station. C cooked pork chops, special rice, spinach, and English peas. Ceil was meeting with her two friends, leaving me and MatthewM wanted to go look for CD’s, so I dropped off C at 7:10 pm and we were off. He didn’t find any CD’s, but I found a Pittsburgh Penguins mascot bobblehead and a grey Nike dri-fit T-shirt. Also bought a cheap pair of North Face corduroys that I can sell at a profit. M bought a Halloween costume: a stack of pancakes.

We almost stopped at the Chickfila Dwarf House Thursday night breakfast buffet, but M wanted to go to more stores before they closed. Instead I got him some Taco Bell.

Talked to our friends for a while when I picked up Ceil, so we didn’t get home until after 10 pm. I was tired, but wanted to bid on an eBay auction that was ending at 11:30. Made a couple of bids, but lost by a penny. Watched the end of the Boston/Detroit game.

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