Thursday, October 24, 2013

Shopping Trips

Ran after work Wednesday. Supper was ready when I got home: burgers, fries, and baked beans. Something the kids will eat. Ceil had dinner ready because she was taking Anna out to look for shoes. They didn’t get shoes, but did get a dress on sale.

Matthew decided we needed to go shopping, so we went to Roswell. I’ve spent a ton this month, and wasn’t in a buying mood. One store had a bunch of good caps, but I passed on two Masters caps and a throwback Phillies cap. Saw some fishing shirts, but they weren’t the right brand. Saw a Thrashers goalie figurine, but didn’t bite - not a bobblehead. Matthew wanted flannel shirts. We saw a nice one, but I couldn’t talk M into getting it. He thought it was too big. Looked small to me. At the third store I saw a nice pair of Timberland pants, but their credit card machine was down. Store number four had a nice golf jacket, but I passed. Might go back for it. Went to the ATM and got cash for the pants, but when we went back Store #3 had closed 15 minutes early. Then I took M to Chickfila to get him a milkshake.

Back home to watch Duck Dynasty and the World Series. Early in the game the Cardinal 2B or 1B threw to the SS covering the bag to start a DP. The throw hit the top/side of the SS’s glove and glanced off…an obvious no catch. The umpire was watching, but called the runner out. The Boston manager came out to argue, and the 5 other umpires came over to huddle and changed the call to safe. Fox talked about it the rest of the evening. No one they interviewed on either team thought it was a big deal – only Fox. Ken Rosenthal interviewed Joe Torre, who said the umpired have silent signals that indicate several things…whether or not to huddle, etc. The other 5 umpires signaled each other that the call had been missed. Since they all agreed, they huddled up and changed the call. Nice that they changed the call, but Fox acted like baseball history was reversed. Didn’t seem like that big a deal.

Later when Boston SS Stephen Drew was batting the announcers mentioned how the Cards had traded with the Braves for “former #1 pick” Adam Wainwright. They said the Cardinals GM should be commended for the trade. What wasn’t mentioned was that the trade helped the Braves extend their record streak of division championships several more years. The announcers also did not mention what Wainwright said earlier this year: that had he not been traded he probably wouldn’t have worked to become the pitcher he is today.

I am told that Cynthia Briscoe is running for the Board of Education. I keep up with Cynthia’s little sister Laura on Facebook, though Cynthia is probably closer to my age. I will have to follow her campaign/election results. Laura has run the Peachtree Road Race the past couple of years, but I think she lives in Pennsylvania.  

Guess I’ll have to get out the winter clothes this weekend. The house is a mess, and I can’t put up the summer clothes if the laundry hasn’t been done.

Missed out on a Brewers Sausage Race bobblehead last night. We were still at store number three, so I had to watch on my phone. The auction has started at a penny, so I thought I’d keep tabs on it. I’ve bought so much this month that I didn’t need to go at it whole hog. I placed a bid, but someone bid much higher to win. Later Matthew asked what my plans were with these bobbleheads in his room. I joked that I’d move them to Anna’s room.

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