Sunday, January 15, 2017

Another HOF List, Another Omission’s 15 best NFL players not currently in the Hall of Fame. Saw it on FB so I checked it out. Like all the other similar lists, with a few exceptions.
15. Terrell Davis RB SB
14. Cornelius Bennett LB
13. Kurt Warner QB SB
12. Deron Cherry DB
11. L.C. Greenwood DL SB
10. Peyton Manning QB SB
9. Terrell Owens WR
8. Ricky Watters RB SB
7. Ken Anderson QB SB
6. Marshawn Lynch RB SB
5. Jim Marshall DE SB
4. Steve Tasker WR SB
3. Jerry Kramer G/K SB
2. Calvin Johnson WR
1. Randy Moss WR
A silly list, because naturally Payton Manning will be voted into the HOF as soon as he’s eligible. Same with Calvin Johnson and Marshawn Lynch, though both may be borderline cases due to the shortness of their careers. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lynch didn’t mount a comeback.
At least two thirds listed played in the Super Bowl. Several have appeared on similar lists: Anderson, Davis, Kramer, Marshall, Moss, Owens, Tasker, Warner, Watters. Ridiculous that anyone is listed ahead of Manning, who retired with many records in his name.
As usual, no mention of Herschel Walker, whose 18,000+ NFL yards gained dwarf every player on the list.

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