Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Productive Weekend

It wasn't just the Falcons: GT won as well. Maybe this year the Jackets can win most of the games against the lower and middle-of-the-pack ACC teams.

Worked until six on Friday. Checked out a store on Jimmy Carter near 85, then headed home. Stopped by Kroger and Dollar Tree as well. Fixed supper and Netflixed a movie. Also watched a little of the Hawks/Celtics.

M spend three straight nights over at Shep's. Anna was camping north of Asheville. W&MC road-tripped to Charleston. They all are coming home for Joel's concert on the 28th. The Hurts have been visiting Haley in Napa.

Saturday morning I shaved off the beard I had been growing since Christmas Day. Kept it a week longer than I'd planned. Takes too long to cut off during the week.

Later M came home, so I took his car to get the emissions checked. His band was playing a house concert that night. I raked out the leaves in the back yard, then attacked the pile of wood chips that had been sitting in the backyard for over a year. Worked until almost dark. Watched every bit of the Falcons game. Always good to beat the bad guys. Instead of watching the Pats, I Netflixed another movie.

Sunday at Johnson Ferry Bryant Wright lauded Dabo for giving the glory to God last Monday night. High praise for a South Carolina grad, but every good preacher knows a good illustration when he sees one. Probably half the preachers in the country were talking about it. I saw where Denison did the same, but Jim pointed out the Nick Saban has also given God credit for his success. Speaking of Clemson, my brother-in-law's family made the trip over to Saturday's victory parade.

Sunday I realized my six month front end alignment warranty was expiring so I had it checked at Firestone. Did laundry, straightened the house, washed dishes, cleaned off the deck, and worked on the wood chips even longer. Ceil arrived just as I was finishing, and she wanted to do more. Finally crashed on the couch to watch the Packers/Cowboys. Took a little nap. Sunday evening C grocery shopped and cooked Mexican.

I packaged two shipments and mailed them Monday morning. Took a new coworker on an extended plant tour.

Need to replace my FitBit, perhaps upgrading to a FitBit watch. They just don't seem to do that much. More than an Timex Ironman, but less than an Apple Watch. I could get an Apple Watch, but it seems like overkill.

Have you heard about Kitti Murray's burgeoning new business/ministry, Refugee Coffee? Several national news programs have aired stories about it. In April Ceil wants to either run or volunteer at their 5K road race, a fund-raiser for the ministry. I plan on challenging young Scott Morris to a footrace. The Braves will be in town but DOB will probably be busy.
My 1969 Braves jersey finally arrived in the mail from China. Nice enough, though you can tell it's a knockoff. Patches aren't exact but ok. Number on the back is way too thick, and not at all like what was pictured on the website (below). Lightweight, so it will be great to wear to games. Now I wonder how many fans will recognize it as an actual throwback once worn by the Braves, and not just a pinstriped Braves jersey. The real fans will know.
Video: Braves Bobbleheads from past and present players:

Unique bobbleheads from past and present players of the Atlanta Braves.

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