Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ode to a Shoe Part 2

Nike Air Max Speed Turf - a.k.a. the "Air Marino."
Not sure why its called The Marino.
Similar to the Air Zoom Jet Turf, the shoe preferred by Barry Sanders.
The Marino was sold in the colors of NFL teams, like the Dolphins above, and presumably the Vikings below. I recently lucked into a grey/black/silver Raiders pair. Comfortable and warm.
Might be too much shoe for me to handle.

Not sure Marino is wearing Speed Turfs in this photo.
In fact, I can't find a single photo of Marino wearing them. 
But Steve Young wore one of the looking pair I've seen.
Syracuse wore them on the basketball court.
Now I have three pairs of hightops: Hyperdunks, Huarache Trainers, and Speed Turfs - plus two pair of low tops. Will I keep them? Not sure.

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