Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fun Facts: Theo Epstein

Four fun facts about Cubs President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein (from a recent Sports Illustrated article):
1. His grandfather and great uncle wrote the screenplay for Casablanca.
2. When Epstein resigned as GM of the Red Sox on Halloween, he escaped from the media by leaving Fenway Park wearing a gorilla suit.
3. Before every home game Epstein walks ten minutes home during the visitor's batting practice, has dinner with his family, then walks back in time for first pitch.    
4. At 5 am the morning after the Cubs beat Clayton Kershaw to win the NL pennant, Epstein and Pearl Jam front man Eddie Vedder played catch and took batting practice at Wrigley Field.
The numbers are in: miles driven last year in the Civic and CRV. If my math is right we drove almost 8000 fewer miles in 2016 than the year before – over 6000 fewer Civic miles. Of course M put almost that much on his car, which takes high test gas and gets fewer MPG than our two cars. But one trip for M might've meant two trips for me or C, sometimes way up to Cumming. So once again this past year we spent more on transportation.
22038 24709 2671 $233.71 CRV
15200 21301 6101 $388.25 Civic
37238 46010 8772 $621.96 Total
At 3 pm Friday afternoon they sent home everyone who lives west of the office. Traffic was like it usually is at 6 pm. Got home at 4 pm. At 5:30 C decided she had to go to UPS to ship something that had been sitting around for a week. M had been called in to work earlier in the afternoon, and he got home around 8:30.
Got a lot of work done around the house Saturday. Also a bunch of laundry. M got called into work again. Chicken quesadilla for supper.
Went to church Sunday morning. Still plenty of ice on our street, and on 120 all the way into Roswell. WSB AM750 was reporting wrecks all over town. People were zooming by going 80 MPH, tailgating and cutting in front of people. Like they always do.
M worked again Sunday evening. Took a nap, washed dishes, and folded clothes. Chicken quesadilla for lunch and pot roast for supper. Also packaged a box, posted to eBay. Got five packages to ship: some caps, a pullover, pair of pants, and two bobbles. Sold one for $95.00 and traded one for the UNC Charlotte Mark Price.  
The Boston College game doesn't start until 5:30 Saturday afternoon on Feb 11. They're giving away 1000 Harpring bobbles, so only those arriving early get them. I remember one time it snowed in Atlanta. GT was playing UNC. The Heels had to take MARTA to the 10th Street Station and walk to the arena.

Rob on the Braves:  I think we will have a good season IF we don't rely too much on Garcia, Peterson and Flower replicating career years.  I think Albies will be at 2B soon and they have Sean Rodriquez for PA's at 3B.  I still think Catcher is a problem spot.  I think the vet starting pitchers can eat some innings for us.

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