Sunday, January 01, 2017

Fiesta: Experts Were Wrong

As soon as the four playoff teams were announced, the consensus was in: Ohio State would beat Clemson. ESPN's two bowl pickers picked OSU. Sports Illustrated featured three of the final four on covers - Clemson was left out. USA Today ranked Ohio State second and Clemson fifth. Even Michigan alum Desmond Howard picked his arch rival Buckeyes to win. They were all wrong. It wasn't even close.

31-0. Urban Meyer's first shutout in the past 149 games. Aside from two early missed field goals, Ohio State hardly came close to scoring. Yet even pass interference couldn't prevent Clemson's scoring pass (below).
Despite two interceptions, Deshaun Watson played like a man possessed, spreading the ball around to numerous targets. One of the interceptions was basically a punt.

Clemson was the fourth bowl team in the past few days to unwisely intercept a fourth down pass. This end zone theft turned into a nail in the coffin 70 yard return. Like in the ACC Championship Game, Dabo got his backup QB in the game.

Peach: Bama took care of a tough Washington team. Somewhat of a struggle, but in the end the Tide separated themselves from their competition. 

In next week's championship game Clemson will again by the underdog, which suits them quite well. Beating Alabama will be a tough task, but if anyone can do it, it won't be media darlings Michigan or Ohio State or Penn State or Southern Cal or Wisconsin or anyone else. If anyone can beat Bama, it will be Clemson.

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